Greetings, Manic Fans.  I’m not sure when it went up, but I gotta say I really like the new “rating” features we now have at Manic Expression.  There’s a 5-star rating for Blogs, and individual thumbs up or thumbs down for any comments given on them.  I’ve often wanted to thumbs up or 5-star praise the really great ones.


However, a pattern has emerged that I’ve noticed that makes me even happier.  Someone here is thumbing down every comment I make on mine and other people’s blogs.  Why is this great?  Simple.  Whoever is doing it is satisfied with anonymous, non-specific, harmless and therefore meaningless stabs against me.  Whoever they are, they’re not directly coming at me.  They’re not trolling me.  Whatever problem they have with me, they don’t care to address it with me(publicly or privately by pm).  They’re happy enough with me doing whatever they have a problem with, that they just thumb me down, and the problem NEVER GETS SOLVED.


It reminds me of something that happened awhile back when I posted a blog that an unspecified member here had such a bad problem with that they were willing to quit the site, rather than tell me they had a problem with me and give me a chance to make reparations for the offense(WHICH I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT IT WAS….just saying…).  I have a hard time relating with anyone with self-esteem that poor that they’d rather give up than try and solve the problem(But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them or want to help if I can).  As far as I’m concerned, everyone has a right to believe their feelings and opinions matter-no matter who they’re talking to.  I’m not so outstanding that I think I’m above anyone else in the membership.  Whatever respect people give to me I believe happens because I try to respect others first.


And so, I’m making this offer to whoever hides behind the “thumbs down” action.


Whatever I did to piss you off…Whatever it is about me that offends you…If you have a grievance against me.  Please tell me what it is(in private, if you like).  I promise to consider whatever you tell me with an open mind.  I promise that if the offense is legitimate, I’ll publicly apologize for it and attempt to change my behavior to fix the problem.  If you don’t want any of this aired, I promise to be bound by confidence whatever you tell me and keep it secret.


That’s my offer.  I hope you accept it, my friend.  Peace.

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