Hey  guys,  I posted in a thread yesterday that I’m doing  an April O’ Neil Retrospective but  I wanted to make it a site wide thing and let other people cover some of the other actresses that have played April over the years.  The articles  can be done  in any fashion, you like. Talk about  an episode that is important to her character if you choose one of the cartoon April’s.   How  she works or doesn’t work,  a Top #’s list.  Here’s what we have so far…



April  O’ Neil    played by Renae Jacobs   –  Les





april_oneil '80s












Les  has signed  up for the  ’80s  cartoon take on  April.




BigBlackHatMan  has said he might do the 4Kids April played by Veronica Taylor

4kids April










I’m  doing the Nick take  on April played by Mae Whitman



april 2012









Judith Hoag








Alexthed has signed up to do the Judith Hoag April.



So,  I still need people  for  the  Paige Turco, Sharah Michelle Gellar. & Megan Fox takes on the character











Paige Turco









SMG April







Megan Fox gets serious on the set of 'Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles' **USA, Canada, Australia ONLY**




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