This extends from an original idea I had for this idea but I don’t want to take it on all myself. I want to join others to look at the different variations of April throughout the years. Just let me know down below, which one you want to look at.

Renae Jacobs April (’80s Cartoon)

Judith Hoag April (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Paige Turco April (Secret of The Ooze/Ninja Turtles III)

Veronica Taylor April (4kids series)

Sarah Michelle Gellar April (TMNT)

Mae Whitman April (AKA the Greatest TMNT character EVER!!!!! And off limits as I’ll be covering her) (Nick Series)

Megan Fox April (Bay Turtles)

Just let me know, which one you want to look at and sign up down below. You can do your article anyway you want. Just talk about why the character works or in the case of some doesn’t work.

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