Hello and welcome to another out of norm blog, for the 600th blog, I thought in looking in some tropes that few can also say; they could be a fan of when seeing them in the media of choice for them. Just for the sake of time and such, it would only be a short list, but hopefully will work out in the best way.


What could be one trope that will harmless and just be fun to point on? Hmm, how about some bromance . . . with the media that is going on now and how it was before, there was always two or more so guys, that were beyond friends, and felt like they were family to one another, that had each other’s backs.


The range of how the bromances goes falls under; buddy cop movies, student/teacher, and childhood friends, odd couples that are roommates or something of another. It’s a trope that at times has been done to death in some cases, but there are some that just make the twist all the fun.


Having said that, let’s have some honorable mentions out of the way, shall we?




Honorable Mention No. 1: Decker Shado and That Long Haired Creepy Guy (plus Chibi); they are one of the few odd couples on the internet that are just a blast to see wit tosses back at each other. Sure there are times, they might always see eye to eye, through it all they feel they have the strongest bond, if knowing them longer, they would be far from being an honorable mention.


Honorable Mention No. 2: The Marauders: James Potter, Sirius Black, & Remus Lupin; from the long awaited ends there was for the Harry Potter universe, these guys were something in both books and movie of when they showed up and the impact they left behind. Not one group that is seen overly fond of, but again, it was the impact that got them noticed.


Honorable Mention No. 3: Harry and Lloyd; when it comes to comedy films, Dumb and Dumber were one of the firsts to recall about the most. Getting into the idea of how a friendship through the ages of young to old, yeah even the bad prequel get’s a pass, for those two did what they could do, through thick and thin.


Honorable Mention No. 4: Kirk and Spock; that is all . . . no really, if there is need of explaining these two, than the world would just blow up. No thanks.



With those out of the way, and the floodgates are open now, let’s move onto the main list of the top six bromances that very grand of a sight. Let’s get this started with . . .






Number 6: Woody and Buzz;

Well besides the points of Pixar showing what great animation they could with today, giving the right stories scrip and characters to make. Even to show of how strong a friendship can last through all the troubles of life, and no one close could understand about the phases; of being replaced, growing up, changes, past, future, troubles, unseen obstructions, remoteness, trauma, and much more jam-packed in for now three films to show it all. And at the front line of it, are the action figures every kid young and old wanted to have or to be, than other Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear are inspired by Toy Story director John Lasseter’s own childhood toys. He based Woody on his own pull-string Casper doll, and once he grew out of Casper he moved on to a G.I Joe, a flashy toy at the time of his childhood. 





Number 5: Sherlock and John, Holmes and Watson, House and Wilson;

Through the media, one the longest one that not stay true of who they were, but embraced mirror copies later on in life. Depending on which duo someone likes, be it from the old films that casted Sherlock and John, or later on TV shows like House M.D., or what other media there is. The character traits of these two are never far. Not even in gender, like in Elementary, no matter of how much not everyone likes it, the show does the job needed. Embracing a friendship that has really, stood the test of time, and looks it will end anytime soon.

halorvic:</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Again, not really taking requests but someone asked for House and Wilson meeting Sherlock and John, and I don’t really do much Sherlock art nowadays so…</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>My love for this knows no bounds.





Number 4: OtherDude92, Big Black Hat Man, the Man with No Chin, Ryan, Some Jerk from Boston, Jim Bevan, and whoever else decides drop by to deal with these guys . . . bless them;

While it could MEDS, What Did I Just Watch, or the new DudeMan (BigBlackDude) show, the questionable oddness of teamwork and endless of the wall comedy gold that comes from these guys who are the closet a full male family bromance ever . . . is just, to put it nicely: a cluster-fuck disaster waiting to happen. Best part out of this giant group of a bromance, which even at times getting at each other throats, they still go on with the show, and for is that you could take any two of these guys, and there won’t be a boring moment. Though if having to pick . . . OtherDude92 and The Man with No Chin are the most fun. Big Black Hat Man and Jim Bevan do give some level ground and not over the top chats when together. Some Jerk from Boston could pop in at any time with OtherDude92 and No Chin and it still become awesome. Though him and Charlie from What Did I Just Watch fairs out. OtherDude92 and Big Black Hat Man from The DudeMan (BigBlackDude) show, wow, the laughs they bring and having the to the point times, just awesome, can’t help but love that. And then there is Ryan . . . Some Jerk said it best; “he’s the cheerleader waving pom-pom and boobies galore because the show called for it”, and it is just a must to have . . . and you can only find it at Manic Expression.





Number 3:  Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs;

It’s thanks to these guys, in taking the slogan of being too old for the shit that other brings. Yet, despite the craziness that goes, deep down, they still treat each as family to the end of it all. They reflect easily of the two sided coin of life, and for the most part clinch it and crook from it. Of the buddy cop movies out, this is one holds in best, copy and paste some others might have done, but by far can’t take away this one.





Number 2: Ferris and Cameron;

There is nothing really wrong with a buddy trying for the other to break out of their shell, for the start of life is around the corner and far from it ready to take on what it out in the real world. Sure some could say this bromance is the bone basic of friendship, not wrong there, but of that in friendships that’s how come off as? Thinking for just a moment, was there a friend who just the opposite of you, but despite it all, you hung around each because, in some common lines, the two of you click and couldn’t think for a moment, that life wouldn’t just right without. Ending in the results that in some ways, that help both of you grow, with or without knowing? It is a stretch, a long one at that, but to see the next time when seeing these two live through life for a day. Troubles are your friend and foe, balancing them is key, remember that.





Number 1: Shawn and Corey;

By default of getting first place, means little for this list numbering was to keep track. It has little to do with very growing up watching these two of best friends forever growing up through the thick and thin. Having to deal with the troubles of family, school, dating, and much else, while having noticed through it all, they had each other to lean shoulders on, and get through life to the end. It’s a strong bond that doesn’t feel focused or acted on, it is one that others wished they had, and one day wants. Their friendship is strong bond, and with some of the TV shows today, hard to let go after all that.






And with that, we come to a close for the 600th blog of bromance friendship. If there was a better to make a little longer, I would, but that gives the chances of hearing your friendship bond, let me know, I like to hear them. As for this list, it was a good enough try in expressing some of the finest bonds I have seen. Thanks for reading, again I like to hear your favorites of bromance if you have one, leaving for that now, have a nice day. Later!




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