Sorry about my blog swap being so late but I was  out of town. Anyways,  for my swap had alexthed and I decided to try my hand at his Movie Questions Answered but with an MLP twist.  Seeing as he’s already done Disney Questions Answered. I hope you enjoy.



SomeJerkFromBoston asks


Why? Just, why?


Because Friendship isn’t only magic. It’s law and anyone who doesn’t follow  the law of Equestira will face the terror  that is Celestia’s  hoof.   That poor griffon never stood a chance after mocking Pinkie Pie but she was delicious.


Les asks

Will the pets come back for an episode? I miss Tank….


They’ve been there the entire time having their own adventures.  Why do you think saved the Mane Six from the mind control of a water sprite?   No, that seriously happened. Check Issue #23 of the IDW comics.




Chilton asks

What exactly did EQG Pinkie see when she poked her head through the portal?


There have been  varying reports that she either saw the Smile Song but others have said that she saw cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes!


No, not that kind.    You sicko,   cupcakes that Mrs. Cake had just finished baking.    Jeese, get your mind out of the gutter.



Fusionater asks:   Will Celestia and Discord ever have a full conversation?


Rumor is that the sun princess and god of chaos have been meeting behind closed doors for some time and have been having more than just full conservations there.   Apparently, after the defeat of Tierk,  Celestia and Discord started dating each other.   And Celestia is about to Discord, the prince of Equestira.   Luna, help us all.




Jim Bevan asks:  Why do people like to ship Octavia and Vinyl Scratch?


Funny story, this is one ship that the fandom got right.  As Octavia and Vinyl Scratch had been going out for some time  and are actually now engaged.   I never thought it would work out and honestly, I was pulling for Lyra and Sweetie Drops Bon Bon to walk down the aisle first but something about opposable thumbs got in the way there but as for as the wub master and the cellist,  I’m happy for them.


Alexthed asks  Are Discord and Q from TNG related?


I don’t know I never watched Star Trek.  But I have heard that  Discord is  just  an illusion of Q being trapped in the Holodeck for so long but  again, I cannot confirm nor deny that.



T-kun asks:  Why do they have to be so cute?


To sell toys.


Though looking at some of these toys, they do leave something to be desired when compared to their cartoon counterparts. Yeesh.   Hasbro could’ve done a better job here.



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