When you think of a robot, you usually think of an entirely metal being of high

intelligence. Right? But then again robots don’t necessarily have to be a certain way. For

example, Bender the robot is a titanium hard ass with a bad

attitude. He isn’t necessarily intelligent but he is what you think of when you think of someone with a

healthy disrespect for the law.


Baymax the robot, is a robot of a different kind. He is

cute and huggable. He is also your personal healthcare companion. I like Baymax

because of his adorable human nature. I think in the making of the movie “Big

Hero 6,” when they were looking for ideas on a robot design, they decided on

something non threatening.  He kind of looks like a marshmallow.  What I also liked

about the way Baymax was designed, was that he has sweet moments. In the movie,

Tadashi Hamada, Hiro’s older brother, invented Baymax to help the world. So when

Tadashi is killed in a fire,Baymax takes it upon himself, to take care of Hiro until he is

“satisfied with his care.”.



(spoilers!) when Baymax is holding Mochi the cat he is confused. (what with with

never seeing a cat before). He proceeds with calling Mochi a “hairy baby”



Baymax is a cute and lovable character that everyone can enjoy.  At times he can get rather

distracted, like the time that Hiro is showing his friends the upgrades Baymax got, he

grew distracted by a butterfly.



I could not find the picture so this will have to do.

He is a very charming and appealing character that can always make you feel better.

He is also always learning. Like the part in the movie when Baymax scares Hiro, Hiro

says “dude! you gave me a heart attack!” and Baymax takes the sentence seriously,

activating his defibrillators in his hands until Hiro yelps, “wait! it’s just an expression.”


or when he learns the term “fist bump.”



Have you ever seen this movie? What do you think of Baymax’s character? How do you think it spices up the movie?

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