Been awhile since I did a Disney list. We all know the major villains in Disney movies. From Maleficent to Jafar and so on. But the characters that often get overlooked are the minor villains. Those characters who appear briefly, simply to advance the plot or give the villain’s a means to meet their goals. In some cases they don’t advance the plot at all. they’re filler but are so memorable that we never forget them.



Today I wanted to talk about five such minor antagonists who I love to hate, almost more than the main characters despite their minor roles.  The only rule is they have to be characters who did something nasty against our heroes, and weren’t just there for comic relief or to be redeemed later.

5.Lucifer (Cinderella)


Yeah I know it’s just a cat, but what a nasty kitty! He seems to know and love how evil that witch stepmother is and loves every second she is making Cinderella’s life miserable. He loves it so much, he makes things worst for her! He goes back and makes a mess out of what she had cleaned, and loves every second of her getting scolded. Lucifer spends the majority of the film getting in the way of Gus and Jacques, and is one who does get a comeuppance of sorts. But that nasty kitty is, well, mean! Hey, what is it with Disney and making their cats evil?

#4.Emperor Zurg (Toy Story 2)


When you think of the villains in these movies most think of Sid. Or Lots-o. Or Stinky Pete. But one that often gets overlooked was possibly the coolest. In Toy Story we learned that Buz Lightyear’s main nemesis was Zurg. To top that, we actually get to see him in Toy Story 2! I loved when he appeased, had it existed when I was a kid I totally would have owned one! To be honest the whole thing with Zurg being Buzz’s dad was lame (yeah I get it, still lame) but the villain himself was bad ass! In the movie he interferes with Buzz and Rex as they try to rescue Woody.

#3.Chef Louis (Little Mermaid)
I think it’s safe to say no one forgets this guy, even though he only appears in two scenes of the original film! But he makes an impression. It’s a simple setup, Sebastian ends up in a kitchen where Chef Louis is making fish. Stuffed Crab to be specific! And hijinks! Louis tries to cook him and, well….we know how it ends. It’s a great scene and for such a minor character he really leaves an impact. Rene Auberjonois is best known as Odo but he is a great voice actor and he is a large reason why this guy is remembered. I did consider Ursula’s eel underlings but if they were on here than the Hyena’s from Lion King would be…that’s another list.

#2.Aunt Sarah (Lady and the Tramp)


Everyone remembers the Siamese Cats, Si an Am.. And why not? It’s the best scene in the nmovie (well other than Bella Notte). It’s a great song too. But you know who pisses me off more? The woman who owns them! Yeah Aunt Sarah is supposed to be watching Lady, and after the scene where Lady has to deal with the two cats she…..well, let me explain. I was a cat owner when I re-watched this movie and when I saw her muzzle Lady I was mad! If someone did that to a pet I loved…it wouldn’t be pretty. Of course this is the driving force that moves the plot and to be fair she is apologetic in the end (off screen!). Oh and did I forget how she ties Lady to the doghouse later? But man did she piss me off!

Monsieur D’Arque (Beauty and the Beast)


Yeah, we all know this creepy guy right? He is so evil I expect that the asylum he tries to send Maurice is Arkham. He appears only twice but that’s enough. Of course he is the one who sets Gaston’s evil plan into motion. In the scene we meet him he seems creepy. Then for a second I don’t hate him, when he says Maurice is harmless. But then he takes Gaston’s bribe which almost makes him more evil! Especially with that glee he takes in the whole scheme! Maybe it’s because Tony Jay does the voice, but this minor role is very memorable. It’s no coincidence that Jay would be back in Hunchback of Notre Dame. You get the feeling there was a whole other movie about this guy just waiting to be told.

Ok so let’s be fair, and say that there are just as many good guys in these movies who have small but memorable roles. And I’ll be back with that list sometime soon.

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