The greatest teen anime read in all of history!

thRQ8R9R7Z This comic book series is about a hilariously funny wolf girl name Yoko. and her strangely unlucky master Keita.

Together they have adventures going from strange bath houses, to old creepy houses. They meet other Inukami masters and giant talking frogs!

Inukami! will keep you laughing the whole time.  ( warning spoilers ahead!)

You can see in the comic that Keita really cares about Yoko but he only sees her as a servant which makes Yoko jealous a lot of the time.

She has the power to make things vanish she can also make huge balls of flame appear from her hands!

so when Keita flirts with any girl he sees Yoko get really mad.

A lot of the times she makes his clothes vanish or she hits him  with a ball of flame.

Actually come to think about it the way, Yoko shows her affection to Keita is by hurting him!

Well love is strange through a wolf girl’s eyes. A lot of the stories in this comic series are rather funny and creative so I tip my hat to author Mamizu Arisawa.

( caution this comic book has some pictures of nudity. Make sure your child or yourself is age appropriate or mature for this comic)

thanks for reading this post I hope you have read this comic book series and if you haven’t I highly advise it.

if you have any questions or comments at all reply below. 🙂

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