Welcome back to overrated Trek, where I take a special look at Star Trek episodes that I hate…which may be popular or even loved by most. This has been a long time coming as I wanted to do this for awhile. Today let’s talk about an episode that is just an utter bore and makes no sense. I give you :






This episode is one of the best episodes of the series…right?




Plot Synopsis :

The Enterprise is orbiting a planet where they are experiencing ripples in time. An accident causes McCoy to overdose on a drug and freak out. Of course he gets off the ship and jumps through a gateway called The Guardian of Forever, altering history.



Kirk and Spock follow and attempt to fix what McCoy did. They end up being befriended by Edith Keeler. She runs a mission and is an advocate for big changes which the world is not ready for in 1929. Spock eventually determines that the only way to set things right is for Edith Keeler to die. One problem…Kirk has fallen in love with her.



McCoy finally catches up to them and is rescued by Keeler. One night she is stepping out with Kirk when she mentions McCoy. Kirk goes to grab Spock, and as they three reunite Keeler blindly walked into the street. McCoy is going to save her, until Kirk stops him. Restoring history even at the cost of a broken heart. If you managed to stay awake to see it anyway.




Guest Stars:


Of course we have the lovely Joan Collins playing Edith Keeler. To bad she had to be in such a boring episode. She must have been pissed to be asked to play on Star Trek an play someone as dull as Edith.




Episode Pro’s:

The scenes on the Enterprise, the five minutes we get, is nice. Though McCoy is a bit of dumbass for letting himself get injected like that. I mean how could anyone as smart as him be that careless? And that medication works real fast. I know it was an overdose but he hits full paranoia instantly!



I kind of wish they had gone where they discussed going. Take McCoy back to the accident and prevent it. I don’t know it would have made a more interesting and less boring episode. Oh and yeah the Guardian is cool but could have been a lot cooler. And of course, we never see it again (in canon anyway). Why introduce such an awesome concept and then never take advantage of it?



The episode gets so dull (more in a bit) but does get better when McCoy finally catches up to them. Then there is a scene where he kills a bum (accidentally, the bum takes McCoy’s phaser after McCoy has passed out). Of course this is never mentioned even though it could have profound implications. Does this create an alternate time line? Was the man supposed to die today? Does that mean everything that happens was meant to happen after all?




Episode Con’s:

We get typical stupid security in this episode. No one can find the raging McCoy and the transporter operator fails to hear the transporter room doors opening even though they are at red alert and he should be on alert status. And of course evenb though six people can beam down no one can located and/or stop McCoy. And what about stunning him?



The scene where Kirk and Spock talk to the cop is so dumb. A rice picker? That’s what Kirk comes up with? To be fair the cop doesn’t buy it and tries to arrest them. But the scene is just so not funny. It’s just a contrivance to lead to them running into Edith.



The fact this whole problem is solved at all is a miracle. How did they find Edith? Kirk even points out how impossible it seems and in response Spock has this whole thing about waves in time bringing them where they need to be which is just lazy writing to me. Why doesn’t Star Trek get credit for first bringing the concept of hypettime? I could maybe buy that they picked the right date, but the rest of it is just way to much to accept. And how come we don’t see Spock or Kirk looking for him at all? They just sit in their hotel room hoping everything works out! Oh and of course we have to have the fake out’s where they almost run into each other but don’t. Spare me.



Then the whole romance stuff comes up and the episode gets dull from there.It goes on and on and on. So corny and lame, including a scene on the stairs which is cliche as hell. We get that they’re supposed to be in a relationship, could we please move the story on? But let’s get into the real stupidity. Are we supposed to really believe that Kirk, who has slept with dozens of women all across the galaxy, has fallen in love with Edith? A plain woman from Earth’s past! I just can’t buy it! I mean shouldn’t his love for his ship come first, like it will in other episodes? I’m sorry but his focus shouldn’t be on falling in love and he shouldn’t allow himself to. At least Spock is there to remind of that very thing!



As the episode goes on it doesn’t even feel like Star Trek anymore. When Kirk, Spock and McCoy return from the Guardian at the end you almost think “Oh yeah, this is Star Trek!” Finally, no real ending… an epilogue would have been nice (I once wrote a fan one).




Fast Forward Moment:

The whole episode? Nah.




city on the edge of forever





Final Thoughts:




APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Yes my friends, you can relax your mean comments this was all a joke (at least I hope it came off as one). Truth is I do like this episode, it’s a very well written and very strongly acted piece and I dare you not be crushed by Kirk’s grief in the end. Beautifully staged and acted. As I said before this was back when Shatner was a decent actor and he sells every second of this. This little article was just just for fun since I never get to talk about good episodes on here. And no, I did not mention the controversy with writer Harlan Ellison, that’s a subject for another time.

Till next time my friends!

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