Before things got bad,
there were sayings of love thy neighbor,
and if we disagree,
we look another way.

When once someone say they were being gay,
it was meant to be happy,
even if still describing another,
bitter tones are used.

They are gay,
joyful in their life and to those they care for,
in matter of speaking,
everyone is gay,
for they are happy.

Now to let the simmer for a bit,
as we carry on next of it all,
of looking the other way,
disagreement is made,
that’s not hard to miss.

Even for those,
who love to use,
blunt objects to pass their meaning,
across the seas.

Is there a proudest chant in that,
of how bias that is?

The answer will likely be . . .
yes . . .
no . . .
maybe . . .
I don’t know . . .
because of matters,
no one wishes to press on,
without the fear of leaving others out,
on the sure of it,
some would gladly leave others out,
for the less hassle to deal with it.

Honest that is.

And painful as well,
so sad,
for you know,
the ones that give a damn,
about other people’s feelings,
and not just seat around,
with a gun in hand,
ready to set it off,
because someone came off a little funny to them.

Subtly . . .
where have you gone?

Pressing on,
must press on,
maybe take a break,
and enjoy a fag . . .
another word with two means,
ironic of how they both give a bitter taste,
when even just having it,
near anyone mouth,
and how it quickly spreads.

Vocabulary have lost their meaning as a whole,
there is no joking matter in that,
thinking over other expressions,
that have or had,
many meanings,
in different language from around the world,
and if translated right,
comes close enough,
in level an equal ground,
but how many try and see it that way,
other than to impress and pass a class,
getting to the thick of it anyway.

Common words that slip pasted our lips,
are a weapon and shield,
how we use them,
are our own risk.

And a risk,
some die for,
because they put command in their voice,
and because some couldn’t look the other way,
they were gone,
for those who used the words as a shield,
they are gone,
but never forgotten.

it is the same for those who use their words,
as a weapon,
stepping over lines,
no one asked for,
but because in hopes to astound,
wins out in the end.

a sword and shield,
done right,
anyone can go places . . .
done wrong,
they as well,
but who look up to them,
is another substance understanding,
not many,
want or see a way neither around it nor through it.

Harshness of it all,
true as ever be on land and sea,
to even try to out into,
a distance realm,
akin to space,
the linger emotion follows,
and hollows oneself,
if not dealt with.

Living in this world,
with words and actions,
of our ways to use,
of a sword and shield,
where could that lead,
if done right?




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