Back in 1974, author Peter Benchley took a bit of a break from his usual freelance journalism and decided to write a novel about a small little island town that lived off their summer revenue that was soon terrorized by a Great White Shark that decided to munch on their main source of income and was known by only one word: Jaws.


The book was a massive success and a young Steven Spielberg soon directed the film adaptation which has gained even more success and popularity than the book. Much like many opoular films, it got three sequels and as it turns out, they all weren’t very good. After the Fourth One, the idea of a sequel to that was not going to remotely happen…but in 1995, something strange happened, something that no one ever expected or saw coming…a Fifth one.

Technically, the film was actually called Cruel Jaws but in some countries it was released as Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws even though it has nothing to do with the actual franchise what so ever and was also the last film to be made by Italian exploitation filmmaker Bruno Mattei. While I haven’t such much of his work that doesn’t involve Reb Brown, I know enough that most of them aren’t very original…or good. I can tell already this will be fun…
The town of Hampton Bay is getting ready for their annual Regatta Celebration, but, obviously, a shark soon appears in the town’s waters as well as a Theme Park that’s is being closed down that apparently is upsetting everyone and the local Chief of Police is left to deal with both problems.
With this being a knock-off of Jaws, it’s obvious that the plotline is incredibly unoriginal. You get the basic stuff that you get in most killer animal films and you can predict the whole film plot point by plot point. The same thing  goes with the film’s subplot. It’s basically something you’d see in one of the Breakin’ movies and it’s obvious that they will win in the end.
Much like the plot, the characters in the film are pretty much copied from the original Jaws. They cover every character: a Chief of Police who saves the day, the Mayor who only thinks about profits, A marine biologist sent in to help, and the crazy animal hunter. I guess the only original character in the film would be a little girl who doesn’t want the park to close, but she adds nothing to the film and is easily forgettable.
With the Jaws series, the special effects have often gotten worse and worse as the films were released and this film didn’t escape that. The Shark looked just as fake, if not more so, as the shark in Jaws: The Revenge. Not only that, but it also lifts footage from Jaws as well as to other Jaws knock-off films. So, almost all of the shark elements weren’t original or good looking at all and that’s really sad when Jaws 3D has better effects and a better shark than this movie.

Final Thoughts: This is bad. There was no originality to it, the characters weren’t very likable, it was highly predictable, and the film was just a carbon copy of Jaws. It’s basically the one Jaws film that’s probably in it’s best interests that it never gained much attention.
At least there won’t be anymore Jaws Sequels…



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