Before all this starts,
for those that clan in this may be seen as EXTRA SENSITIVE,
for there are things are hard to take in.

To say it now,
is very UNEASY,
of how things play out,
but done with pride.

Sure of it all,
deep down,
they hide it,
but the FEAR is never missed,
nor a main center of it all.

On staying strong,
must always embodied,
the HOPEFUL spirit of it all.

Lighter of all shades,
gives the RESTLESS washout,
but never dyed the skin in sickness,
not an ounce.

To become so TROUBLED,
shivers up the skin,
blistering the bones to dust.

Yet some shake it off,
into becoming EDGY,
lie for most,
but that’s how they play it.

WORRIED of where it all goes,
comes after winter,
blooming pompously.

For once again,
there is always MIXED EMOTIONS,
of how they handle things,
but they always get it done,
though if later,
is grows with trust.

On the CONTRARY that others,
you deal well with them,
for they become,
a little stressful and a handful.

Hues of it so,
DISTRESSED with burning veins of never giving up,
quitters they choose,
to never become.

one shade over,
they are just EXCITABLE,
to get everything done,
so matter the challenge that comes their way,
as again,
they are trying to go up,
and beyond.

Easily they can be IRRITATED,
by the smallest things,
but they don’t always mean it,
in the harshness of the words,
that slip by them.

From the woods to the city,
they only range,
as they become on so,
as EXPECTANT for they go,
just as so.

If unknowing to some,
as they try hard enough,
deep down,
they are very ROMANTIC,
deep down,
very so,
so matter of how hard it could see,
to understand,
just know,
that it is true.

From the canopy chartreuse,
all the way to the spring bud,
moving all the way of the tangy spicy lime,
and having a juicy pear to end the day.




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