Why would any like them?

They are evil!

They are nothing but a tease!

Mind working, money grubbing, heartless witches!

Not even worth to pleasure with!

Nor look in the eye, on the same level.

They are nothing but animals.

Wild animals that should be locked up, and throw away the key, until proliferation needed!

There is nothing else that comes good from them!


There is nothing good from them.

Never listen to those who say otherwise.

Never hear them out!

Fear those bottom feeders!

Never go near them, or it is the end, of you!

This is no joking matter!

Run away from them!




No matter the luring keens they are.

Run fool!

They are not worth your time.

The moment they walk, throw them out!

When they speak, sew that month shut!

Keep them in a cage, never lose to them!


They are just waiting for you to slip, and take away, everything you have earned!

Don’t let them!

Don’t even buy them of the streets, they will tear you down!

Go and don’t look back!

Live the life you have now!

And never add them into this!

Keep it simple and problem free.

Everything will work out for the best.

Trust in those, who know, what it is like, to be nothing else, but a hallow shell.


Those witches are coming after you!

When they speak their fluff curses to you . . . Run!

Run fool, run!

Don’t let them run this world!




Gynephobia (America) or Gynophobia (Europe)

Fear of Women

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