Let us all just embrace,
the faults we have and unwilling,
unshared it all,
puffed away in smoke,
gone away,
so very cotton binding,
slick in steps,
blaming it all on the ice,
close enough leaves the haunt,
ghosting through the walls,
the floors,
the world is the dance all play,
out of tune,
and in tune,
only to come again,
in faults,
but that only changes,
because that’s how it happens,
and fake it out,
in a broken shelter,
set ablaze in a flickering purple fire,
that waxy bristly the skin,
to lack any smooth to have,
becoming near self,
breaking down in tears,
shame it all,
in a sad,
mourning moment of life,
near it all,
just in time,
the burns may heal,
yet never fade,
for it must comes,
hearing upon the cries,
as the buries become only a undammed kiss,
that comes as it is,
leave it so.




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