Let’s start with something,
for only that it is FAIR for now,
details of it come off like so?

Sure at first it could be seen,
as a BORED wording,
but just listen,
even just a moment,
in what this shade gives.

Keep it only,
know it all as being a person,
soon seen as AMBITIOUS,
keeps up going!

Maybe to others,
this could be UNSETTLED,
but this color hue,
sinks deeply,
but only as blinding,
plays it through!

For there is an INTENT that needs,
to be finished,
but only if goes,

Keeping it,
only as JUST-SO,
and things can’t be stopped!

Let it be VAGUE,
because only those wear this color,
know the full meaning of it all,
see it and believe it.

How these people become as they,
just leave so MANY THOUGHTS,
on how that could be,
and that is just the amazement of it all.

Leaves the mind only STRAINED,
but expanding on the do,
than nothing at all!

Sure of it becomes TENSED,
that maybe,
the hue could run dry,
but no,
that’s not the truth of it.

DISQUIET emotions rely on one’s being,
nowhere close it,
doesn’t over think the facts,
or the fictions.

No lie now,
but justly be only soon the FOREBODING the feelings,
that at times,
dim the color,
yet only bends the true of it all.

Step now with CAUTIOUS,
because it should never be taken lightly,
or overlooked,
of being bland.

Bend it now,
shivers down in the ANXIOUS,
and yet doesn’t give up,
that easy;
no never!

Being left with EMOTIONS MIXED near it all,
but no,
the ones that are the strongest,
shine the brightest,
like the sun.

For now,
comes only to be an OK FEELING,
that doesn’t lie,
nor ever be so close to the truth,
just as this hue.

On this color,
one in so of yellow,
light and calm as cream,
to wonderfully sour lemon,
soft in so straw,
ending only as strapping as topaz is the hues,
only as thus.




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