There is no way, in losing this, must always keep it!

No laughing matter of it!

Without it, how is any other way intact with others?

No, this can’t be lost!

The contact must never be lost.

Never go to places, where it doesn’t have it, stay close by to others.

The horror of this is just too great!

How could anyone, anyone at all, be okay with it?

They are insane in thinking of this matter meaning, nothing, but a bother.

Because they want to get away.

Away from what, their humanity!

What a joke that is!

No, must stay close, never leave without it.

Never go to places that deny it!

Never go to those places.


Never follow the insane of those, who think this isn’t a need!

Blast away the wants, there are only the needs, and this one is!

No . . . must stay close . . . close very close.

Never let the bars fall.

Don’t let them!

Not even to one bar.

Got to stay in the line.

In the line.

Stay in the line.

Don’t let the bars drop.

Don’t let them.

No, don’t let it.

No matter what, just keep it as it, never go near it.

Never go out of the zone.

Stay in the zone.

Stay in it!

The bar just drops, no never!


Don’t let it!

Never leave home, for it ends badly, ever leave the zone!

Got to keep it as it is.

Never lose it!


Forget the wants!

There are only the needs, as it becomes, a want!

Never lose it!





Fear of being out of mobile phone contact

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