Week 3/21/15 to 3/27/15

Rule #1: Only blogs written and videos posted during the dates within question will be in the running. No others will be allowed.

Rule #2: Only ONE blog and ONE video per person. This is to keep it fair. So if you’ve written only one blog or made one video this week, you can post it. If you’ve made several videos or blogs, you can only choose one to nominate. If you’ve made a video and a blog you can nominate both since they’re two separate categories.

Rule #3: Blogs must be readable. Now we’re not grammar Nazis (since I’ve no doubt made mistakes myself in this forum post), but it does need to be written to a standard that it is readable. Minor spelling, grammar and formatting errors are okay, poorly-written blogs are not.

Rule #3A: We must be able to hear you and see you in your video. Now we’re not going to dismiss you if you have an accent or if you’re lighting isn’t at a professional level. But if we can’t hear what you are saying then we can’t properly judge your video, likewise if we can’t see what you’re talking about (unless you’re not showing us anything for stylistics reasons, which is fine) then we can’t judge properly. We don’t care how you sound, as long as we can understand you.

Rule 4: Nominations open when this is posted in the forum and close when I close the thread (by saying that I’m closing it). No nominations will be accepted after I’ve (or someone else if I’m busy) officially close this thread.

Just follow the instructions on screen.
And that’s all it is too it, a few rules that exist only to make the process run smoother. The judges will deliberate over the weekend and post the results during the week. Thank you for your time and nominations and may the best work win.
If you would like to be on the voting committee, please send me a private message.
Also, the video winner can have his or her video put on the Manic Expression YouTube channel if he or she wants it to be.

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