At times,
yes it is hard to keep a promise,
when it is made,
you do at times to pull through and hold by it,
yet the world around you,
in one or another fucks it up,
to keep straightforward in answers.

Now in fairness,
putting blame on others,
in never fair . . .
so is life of those around.

Take or leave it,
shit happens.

Keeping promises is one those factors,
and once they’re broken,
which small take of letting them down,
even one,
hurts to a certain degree.

What else to do?

Well don’t listen to me,
or maybe this silly lack of rhyme poem,
on promises.

I have lost count of how many promises I broke in helping someone in a project,
daily moment of life,
a shoulder to cry on,
and a lot of others.

Saying words of being remorseful can’t come close,
in the disappointment in others were shown to me,
because I couldn’t clutch my word,
of having them think I give no respect to them,
or what they do . . .
at times, maybe that is so,
being human is becoming a lack luster excuse,
but there also will and time,
that gets in the way.

Promises are spoken to often,
to some do they really mean,
small as if;
mean anything in the long run.

Nine out of sixteen,
they do,
with a few inconsistent choices here and there.

is that fair?

Do not answer,
until fully understanding it,
being cocky,
and lacking promise,
is not going to cut it,
not in ways things are,
in the short and long run.

As of all though,
if things did go one’s way,
promises would never break,
things would get done,
all things coming together,
and not to be years to take.

Surprise some moments even bother for a few months or even weeks.

Giving up is just easy to do,
plead later,
and hope that friendship or partnership is still there,
in the morning.

Likely in some cases,
it may feel like it,
but on a sided coin,
that string of bond,
will snap,
if not careful.

Got to keep the promise,
to the best one can,
no matter of how tiring it will be,
at the end of this.

Promise and respect,
go hand in hand,
but also try and fail,
tilting the mind,
in saying what is right.

On how that looks will only come out,
in these short comings.

Promise to try.

Fail to respect.

Respect the promise.

Try not to fail.

Fail not to try.

Try to keep the respect.

Respect in the fail.

A little sum of it all,
a cheap shot really,
as again,
no amount to say sorry,
will never fully change anything,
only knowing that if,
things can’t be done.

Then what is left,
for those who lack the try,
burned under fail,
have no respect,
and no chances of keeping a promise?

What a letdown,
one becomes,
of one thing,
just running its path,
hoping it to run out of gas,
and just run off the bridge.

No large amount of space area repentant can change everything,
lessen the blows,
but the bond will break,

Like a broken glass pipe of a promise,
under someone foot,
because of reasons looking back,
was just too stupid to bring up.

Leaving again,
to only say sorry to those who deserved better people around them,
when the time calls for it,
even on short noticed.





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