Hello and welcome to another out of the norm blog, this time for a top number list, will be that of my choices of My Little Pony songs, seeing that some others have done it, and called out on ones I very much enjoy, thought as well give my take on them. Now though, to be clear, this isn’t from a fan’s point of view of the show, mostly I don’t find myself as a fan of it . . . I do find it good and will give my piece on it, if given the chance. But for this list, it will only be seen from a music lover’s point of view . . . the placement number for them don’t mean anything, other than to keep track, just to let you know that now.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the read.




Let’s get this going with some small honorable mentions.




Mention number 1: Hearth’s Warming Peeve song from My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #6 – Now this could be seen as a cheap, for a song choice, seeing as it is from the comics, without musical tempo anywhere in sight, the lyrics only are just a fine read, and if read right, hearing the tune of what it could play on, is just as good, as it even teaches on not giving up, even if comes hopeless.


Mention number 2: My Little Pony Friends song from My Little Pony Equestria Girls deleted extra track – There is no real harshness to the songs in the very movie, in even finding some of them very good, one that will talked about later on this blog, but for this little off-beat-track, it can be enjoyable and a fun throwback to the show it came from, if anything for that, shouldn’t be casted aside.


Mention number 3: Perfect Day for Fun song from the animation short of the same name, and also the book version from the screen play novelization of the short – Going to state it now, that both versions are good and have their little quirks in displaying the mane six personalities just well in equal look of it, I could add more to it, but The Second Opinion already handled that in his review of the animation short, which by the way, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out, it’s a good listen.


Mention number 4: Hush Now Lullaby (Sweetie Belle style) song from episode Stare Master, season one – To keep it simple, the way it just sung by Sweetie Belle, no matter how short it is, becomes a good laugh give out, fun watch, and really shows off her singing pipes, bravo for Sweetie Belle there . . . I see a cutie mark for her yet in this.


Mention number 5: Evil Enchantress Song (Fluttershy Style) song from episode Bridle Gossip, season one – It’s very laid back even for how scary the words are used as this, coming off as a threat, but you just can’t help but snap your fingers to it.


Mention number 6: I’ve Got to Find a Way/Find a Way song from Episode Magical Mystery Cure, season three – the third song into this episode, is just so wonderful and heartfelt in the pain, tragic, and loss there is in, while still reaching for hope. One down side, it is way too short and needs a for more well extended version, than just having a thirty-three seconds be want makes a longer song, it does now, there is a forefront for this, and sadly it doesn’t look like it will, get a full length tone.




Now that the honorable mentions are done with, let’s get started with the main list now, starting with the first pick . . .




Art of the Dress (Plus Reprise), episode Suited for Success from season one –

Rarity being overwhelmed with pressure S1E14

Everyone could see that when it comes to a first season of a show, it is a make it or break it, and at first, when it came to the songs, there wasn’t much that in high hopes to enjoy, music wise anyway. Yet, when episode fourteen rolled it, there was now seeing the chances, which they were working around the rough patches and no doubt were going to get better as time went on. How this song plays on what it is like being a fashion maker, the ups and downs of it being not only seeing it has fun, but also work in pleasing not just oneself, but their causal consumers. This was a start of maybe, in one look of it, the realist song that came from the show, and well worth the listen of it. The beat is nice; the lyrics are not over the top and very humorous of the world it lives in at times, the play off between designer and customer is also, mirroring the just right amount, in what it takes, in not only doing a passion love, but also a day’s end work.





Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), episode Sweet and Elite from season two –

Ponies surround Rarity S2E09

Oh goodness, there is only how many times this song has been someone list or another, it’s good, no doubt there. A song based on everyone’s inner mind theme they play, when they want to make it big, and go places one could only dream of. Got to love the beat, the pacing of it is just danceable; a theme all wants to play, when they want to get close into fitting into a statues quota. It’s a silly little dream song, of showing off on being like everyone else, it holds no real meaning, other than don’t give, dreams will be answered. Little as they, they’ll mean something along the way; just forget of who one is and what other wants.





Love Is In Bloom (Extended Version), episode A Canterlot Wedding – Part 2 from season two –

Twilight sings S02E26

A very cute, short, and simple song to the bride and groom, what adds more to it, as it is the groom, Shining Armor’s little sister, Twilight singing, which in a matter of speaking, just a more tender feel to it. As she wants them to be happy, and have a promising future; making this a very sweet song that gets little over glance at times.





Babs Seed, episode One Bad Apple from season three –

Babs smirking in the corner S3E04

A song focusing around on someone who could have been a friend, but because of peer pressure, turned into a bully going against those who want to be their friend, and not a tool. While those who want nothing to do with the bully, they take the higher road and go out of their ways to stay from the bully, very disappointed in the person that could have been their friend. It is very a relatable song, with a familiar meaning a lot could see happening, with friends their own, or even happening to themselves. A touching song that has hit all the right notes, and really has the support it has earned for it. Well else to say about neither it, as it is a heartrending song, nothing more nor less.





Raise This Barn, episode Apple Family Reunion from season three –

Photo album 0 (Family picture) S3E8

For how close to home this song plays, it is just wonderful. Teamwork, family, heart, fun, and toe-tapping dancing, for mostly how in the episode it also plays in, that getting a job at times, can’t get done alone, sometimes, in need, family and friends can get this job done. Does it at times hammer the message a bit times, yes, but how it goes through it plays, evens out in the end. It’s a good family bonding song, and forever more that is how a family should do, through thick and thin, raise up to the moment, and go for it.





What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me, episode Magical Mystery Cure from season three –

The Main 5 singing S3E13

Out of seven songs to pick out of this one episode, is hard, but the one that spoke out the most, was this one; as it was quite alarming and fascinating in what the song was telling us, and showing of how it affected the five of the mane six, into becoming something they are not. Even more to look at of it, is that how they choose to deal with it, they don’t fight it, they embrace it, for better or worse, the latter in this case. No matter of what others could say to them, they tried living a life they weren’t made for. This song really opens on what the meaning of the cutie mark really holds, than just a butt tattoo. Simple and short it is, the story behind it, only gets better later on thinking of it.





This Strange World, from My Little Pony Equestria Girls motion picture first movie –

Twilight walking nervously through hallway EG

A subtle song about trying to fitting in a world, or in another term, a place, where one does not belong. Is there really need to add more for to that? How else to say it, the title pretty much sums up, most likely everyone’s thought, when they are going somewhere, they know deep down, they don’t belong. Yet, despite, we learn, we adapt to everything around us, unsure yes, but we go all out. Short as it is, gets the meaning just fine, in the mere seconds it plays.





Bats, episode Bats! From season four –

Applejack sees the bats flying in the sky S4E07

As in finding out not long later, as to why enjoying this song was soon found out. The musical theme is a Danny Elfman tune. Straight from a Tim Burrton film . . . this song struck a lot cords to enjoy about it. The back and forth with Applejack and Fluttershy have each other, in both stating the greats and horrid of what overfed wild can do, if they are not taken care of, and also watched over so they don’t going dying off. It’s a mix feeling song, on choosing which side is right or wrong. At the end of it, leaving to rely on, who is the side to take, for right or wrong, choosing wisely, doesn’t even it, have an answer to it. And to that, make it wonderful, Danny Elfman watch out; someone knows the play just akin.





Battle or Let’s Have a Battle (Of the Bands), from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks second motion picture movie –

Dazzlings sing on red background EG2

In every villain, there is has to be a focus, a sign of knowing that the villains mean business and can’t be stopped, not easily that is. Challenge them if one dares too, go ahead, failure is likely anyone out come, because they let pressure get to them. Compare all the songs in this film, just rakes the first level of what competition can warp someone into doing uncalled for things or even acting as something everyone else know they are not. Everyone has a fighter inside, and with the right or wrong push, they’ll act out on it. That is how strong this song is, looking at it as is or deeply, it is a good and powerful strong.





Under Our Spell, from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks second motion picture movie –

Adagio with her hand beckoning to the camera EG2

Can’t help but be a sucker for a good bad guy song, but to also a follow up from it, is just wow, it fits for The Dazzlings of what they can do, without even let others know in soon what they can do, the moment their words get in people’s heads, it’s too late, and without knowing doing everything they want people to do for them. That is just awesome, overlooking slight beat problems it has with the base, it is an overall, fun song, that at times, and can’t help but sway to it, like in a trance . . . or something like that.





Awesome as I Wanna Be (Extended Version), From My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks second motion picture movie –

Rainbow Dash singing "take caution" EG2

It’s a good cheering up song, that there is no real say how awesome one can be, but only how awesome one person they see themselves. Even if at times, their ego could get the best of them, but that is part of growing up into a person, one wants to become. And no other in seeing that, in just being awesome as one wants to be. It is good song, with a nice message, though, do not let it get too much to one’s head, and everything should be just fine. Leaving to just be awesome, ride out life, and go for it.







With that, we end this blog here. Hoping for how season five comes around, as for music wise they are just getting better as they go along, and I can’t wait for what they have in store. Feel free to give some feedback and insight as well, as this was a lot of fun to write, though, yes, it is far from perfect. Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read. Later!




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