To be honest, most animals really. Even animals that are considered pests. The only animals I really hate are bugs. Though there are 3 that come to mind:

Rats-I don’t really get the hate for these animals. Mostly, I don’t get why everyone thinks their so ugly. And I’m not sure, even if you get past their looks, why they are so hated. Do they, like, chew on wires or something? I know some of them have spread diseases but pretty much all wild animals are guilty of that.

Raccoons-I can understand why people hate these animals. And, truth be told, I actually haven’t seen raccoons in person too many times. But, when I have, the raccoons I’ve met seem like nice animals, personality wise. I’d never get too close to one (because of the potential of rabies) but the few raccoons I have met never came off as mean to me. I’m sure there are mean raccoons out there but I’ve heard more stories of them being mean then I’ve actually met any mean raccoons. For example, there was one who didn’t freak out at all when a few people passed by a dumpster he was eating in and there was another one I met who was actually kind of friendly (well, because people were feeding him but still…). Still, due to all of the problems they have caused to homeowners everywhere, I can totally see why people hate them.

Hyenas-First, like rats, I don’t really think their that ugly. And, even if they are, are they really any worse than lions or tigers? Their about as mean as them!

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