Pace Rather Be

Rather be,
rather be,
rather be,
on so sight of it all,
on be clear,
to the mountains and back,
down in the sea,
over the sky in flight,
changes and stillness,
acting as it be,
nothing in so,
play a new tune with grace,
or be the laughing stock,
rather be loud,
rather be quiet,
that is not for me to say,
for I don’t fully know,
in wishing to or not,
rather be that,
or this,
or what,
coming from the distance ways,
of thinking now,
so it be,
let it be,
snap of the trap,
all is settled,
be it now or later,
set in stone,
becomes the only goal,
eyes closed and lost,
because there is nothing else to it,
face on rather screen,
on New York Square,
or just a picture frame with family,
rather be,
rather be,
rather be,
in being in love or hatred,
that’s just it feels,
go on all out,
take it a step at time,
there is pace we all have,
slow it down,
punch the gas,
go and go,
rather be something or nothing,
rather be alone or social,
rather be true or a lie,
that’s how it goes,
rather be,
rather be,
rather be,
no a should be,
could be,
would be,
but a rather be,
nothing is set in stone,
a final word doesn’t make it stop,
no by a long shot,
just go and do,
rather be running in a maze,
or be in space seeing the stars,
write or speak on rather be it,
motions of the voices,
we have,
just like that,
be it so,
leave it so or go,
rather be a lie living a life,
or rather be the chance on dying with failure,
come it easy or not,
that’s only on you,
and only you,
rather be here or not,
go try.




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