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Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and to Music Fridays. Feeling inspired by Les’s articles on popular songs from movies, I’ve decided to do a countdown of the Top 10 Disney Songs That Are So Popular that their popularity extends beyond the movie they came from. These are the songs that you hear and you just get caught up in them and they are so good that they can stand on their own without the movies. With that out of the way, let’s begin.



10 . Baby Mine – Dumbo

I was hesitant to put this on the list but seeing as my Mom did suggest it, I felt that I had to find a place to include it somewhere on this list. And I have to say that while it wasn’t a song that I would’ve thought of for this list, it does make sense in a way to include because this song has been covered so many times by many different artists and even when you take it away from Dumbo, it stands on it’s own as an enduring song because of the message in it. We will come across another song similar to this later on this list.

9. I’ll Make A Man out of You – Mulan

In the internet age, I’ve noticed so many people of my age love this song. I honestly think that this song’s popularity eclipses of this movie. More people seem to remember this song than anything else in the movie. I cannot tell you how many AMV’s I’ve come across of this particular song. There is just something about this song that has stayed with people over the years since this movie came out. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it is but I am not complaining about the staying power that this song has.

8. You’ll Be In My Heart – Tarzan

Man, this song got a lot of airplay on the radio, when this movie first came out and I still hear it on the radio to this day. I personally enjoyed Phil Collins’ work for Tarzan but it is clear that this little song that I’ve often said is the modern day Baby Mine has the most staying power out of all the songs that Phil Collins wrote for Tarzan and with it still being played to this very day.

7. Circle of Life – The Lion King

Okay, so I couldn’t just choose one song from this movie, I ended up picking tow as we will see in a bit but to be fair this entire soundtrack could qualify for this list. But there is just something about this song and the other that I picked that have stayed with people throughout the years since this movie came out. I think the reason, this song has lasted as long as it has is because of the sweeping nature of the song and how it gets you caught up in the grandiose nature of what you are seeing before you and even without watching the movie, you can still envision the grand moments that are associated with this beautiful song.

6. Beauty and The Beast – Beauty and The Beast

While I’m sure the Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion version got more airplay back in the day, the Angela Lansbury version, I’ve found has stayed with people who grew up with this film more than the credits version. I think part of the thing that makes this song so lasting as it has been is the singing. It is just sung so beautifully and just like with most of the songs on this list, it evokes a spark in you, when you hear it. And again, you don’t need the movie to make this song special. It’s one of those songs that works on it’s own and is able to convey the message so well.

5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? – The Lion King

Now, this as I’m sure you figured is the other Lion King song I was referring to but in this case, it’s the Elton John version. Just like songs that had come after it, Elton John’s version of this beautiful song had a lot of airplay when the film came out and still to this day gets played on the radio. That should attest to how popular and long lasting this song is. I honestly think the biggest thing working in this song’s favor is Elton John singing it. You have one of the most popular musicians singing one of the best Disney songs of all time and it’s sure to stick with you.

4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins


This was one of the most obvious choices for this list. And you know the big reason, it has lasted. I can sum it up with one word.
















That sums it up in a nutshell. This song is just fun and that’s why it has remained so popular. You can’t help but to have a good time, when listening to this song. This song is so popular that people try to top each other in spelling it’s title. Which for me is near impossible. This is one of the gold standards of popular Disney songs.

3. Let It Go – Frozen

I’m sure, you guys were expecting this one to show up as it is one of the most obvious choices for this list. And what I find really funny is that the sound track had a radio version made with Demi Lovato singing it but it’s the Idina Menzel version that gets played on the radio. Why is that? Well, I think it has to do with Menzel’s version just being the stronger version of this song as there is more weight in her voice when she is singing this as Elsa. The big reason though that I think this song is so popular is because of how many people resonate with it. It’s easily one of the most powerful songs to come from a Disney movie and no matter, how hard Disney tries to milk Frozen, be it with a Broadway musical or Frozen 2, nothing can take away from the power of this song. I believe that in fifty years time, new Disney fans will still be listening to this song and finding the powerful message within it of breaking free and being who you want to be.

2. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Song of The South

Now, this is one is interesting. I’ve never seen this movie because Disney has kept it locked up in the vault for years now and most likely will never release it but this song has always been able to escape that vault. This is one of two songs that is often cited as a Disney anthem. I have a hard time placing exactly my finger on why this song has endured for as long as it has but I think it might come down to how nice it sounds. It’s just a nice song that is always pleasant to listen to and you hear it at so many things associated with Disney, especially the parks as they love playing this song at The Magic Kingdom.

1. When You Wish Upon A Star – Pinocchio


I knew that this had to be # 1. This song has gone from being a song in Pinocchio to being The Disney Song. More than any song on this list, this song is the one that is most associated with Disney. You hear it in the parks, in their commercials. It’s played as a part of their fireworks show. There is something about this song that somehow made it The Disney song as I was saying. And I think that comes from the fact that this song falls in line with what we think of when think of Disney and that is our dreams coming true. That’s why it’s The Disney song because just like Disney reminds to believe in magic, this song reminds us that it’s okay to make a wish on a star. Sure, times have changed since this movie came out and other films such as The Princess and The Frog remind us that we need to work for our dreams but I think going back to this song, it’s okay to make that wish. And that’s why this song to me is easily the most popular Disney song. I think this has to be the most covered Disney song. There really isn’t anything more I can say on this.

I hope that you enjoyed this special Music Fridays. Peace!

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