Choosing a single one among you to crown Expressionist of the Month is like choosing a favorite Genesis song: Its impossible. …Man, I really need to get some new music on my iPod.

BigBlackHatMan and Moviefan12, you consistently deliver quality articles. ComicBook Cast and Decker Shado, you provide this site with polished, professional (and hilarious) material. Gregg and Jockerlee77, you’ve both been given, rightfully so, the Outstanding Content of the Week by Les. Then there’s the daily content provided by our now 71 members, including myself. …Hey yeah! I should give this honor to myself! HAHA, suck it losers!
…I’ve just been informed by our highly aggressive staff of admins that I can’t give this award to myself. Apparently they think I’m “biased.” Whatever!

So I guess I’ve give it to Shibby.

Yes, Shibby, the king of all things hockey on this site. His Let’s Talk About Hockey series was one of the earliest video series to make it here to Manic Expression, and he’s already been honored with an Outstanding Content of the Week for them. So why pick on him again? Because he’s just that good.

Any of you who’ve seen Let’s Talk About Hockey know that its about as comprehensive a history of a sport you’ll find anywhere. Give this man a budget so he could do a few interviews and this series is ready to be premiered on ESPN or the History Channel.

Its a testament to how engaging Shibby’s series is that I would be a fan, as I’m not all that interested in sports. However, Let’s Talk About Hockey deals in such rich detail the history of this particular sport that you get swept up in your narrators passion. Shibby doesn’t deal in jokes or gags about hockey, he just presents you with the facts and a detailed history. If you go into Let’s Talk About Hockey not knowing a puck from your asshole, you’ll come out an expert able to hold your own in a discussion about this great sport.

To the rest of you who didn’t make the cut this month, there’s always next month! …At least you have hope. I’ll never win that $50,000 cash prize!
…Sorry, I’ve just been informed by our admins that there is no cash prize. …Well than, fuck it.

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