To grab someone,
to enlighten them,
one must intrigue them,
show them something,
that grabs at them,
with five senses that run through the body,
ways of getting others to notice,
but what needs to follow,
is one will to try for it,
not common setbacks,
everyone is used,
in sure,
yes a lot have been used,
what is left to do,
when all great kinds of flows,
of ideas, run dry,
leaving specks behind,
of a once whole idea,
left in the sun,
to vapor away,
in the fashion lights now,
there isn’t must to do,
in wowing a crowd anymore,
without come kind of call back,
of being something that everyone has already seem,
different fondles for different individuals,
that’s all left,
on a sub viewing of it,
how that little is,
by yet,
even so,
far larger than others had to worked with,
before now,
leaving nothing but inner drive to keep impending on what could be,
than should be,
or world be,
it is all about the could that will,
one’s will,
to use their mind,
we all have one,
and how we use them,
is our own goal and fail,
even to others,
no joke,
snuff the other way,
because of tiny mirroring factors,
that even a microscope will miss,
sentimental of that sharp groovy,
that goes and through the walls,
beyond the section,
that was choose because,
it was seen on outer sights,
not inner zeal,
a power really,
that at times,
doesn’t feel real,
but in the brim of overwhelming small nick-picks of life,
leaves nothing else,
but to get out cruise control,
and take the wheel,
off to who knows where,
but the person,
at the wheel does,
and cruise control is just a term,
for those who want,
because being on set,
of free thinking and choosing,
is too much,
when everything needed,
has a course,
one just needs to walk it,
in asking to others,
of why risk it,
because of self insight . . .
character growth is an ideal,
way that not only is one’s dream is growing,
but so are they,
it’s not that hard to see that,
even if unsure,
that’s how others want to see it,
won’t find it,
there is time,
in growth,
like a plant,
finally getting chance inch to the sky,
stupid some might say,
but is that wrong,
to think a little,
to try some risk,
for sake of knowing,
something is growing,
like one’s own temperament?




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