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Monsters have always fascinated us with many stories, books, film, and other media that chronicle their exploits in destroying and feeding off of all that is good in the world. Their origins derive from mythology, campfire tales and even some natural phenomena that weren’t understood at the time. Although there’s been plenty of non traditional monsters that are kind, helpful and docile, the cultural and spiritual usage of monsters has always been to personify and give physical form to the evil within ourselves and this would eventually evolve in to the archetype of the villain. Final Fantasy has no shortage of monsters that have plagued players over the last 25 years. Some monsters have appeared in multiple games in the series and are part of what connects the various worlds of Final Fantasy together. Seeing as it is October I have decided to count down the top 10 Final Fantasy Monsters! Are your favorites on here!?


#10 Bombs from multiple Final Fantasies

The bomb is a pretty basic monster, but what makes it special as the name implies is its ability to self destruct! If the bomb isn’t killed in at least 3 hits then it will self destruct causing major damage to the one who attacked it last or, depending on the game, the entire party! The only way to prevent this is to kill it in one or two shots or cast blizzard spells which should be powerful enough to kill it quickly. The bomb has been a Final Fantasy mainstay since Final Fantasy 2 and is a classic monster for the series that needs a much more cautious approach.


#9 The 8 Dragons from Final Fantasy VI

The 8 Legendary Dragons in Final Fantasy VI can range from quite easy to quite difficult and are a marvel to look at in terms of how varied they are in design. The cool thing about the designs is that some of them actually look like dragons and some of them actually look like dinosaurs! Each dragon corresponds with an element and are monsters that plague the post apocalyptic World of Ruin.


#8 Ultros from Final Fantasy VI

The recurring boss from Final Fantasy VI makes it onto this list. Ultros is a wisecracking octopus monster that constantly shows up to be a pain in the party’s side and is a boss about 4 times in the game. He’s not particularly hard it’s just that as a character he has so much presence! How many octopus monsters do you know that actually tried and semi succeeded at crashing an opera?! That alone is awesome!


#7 The 4 Fiends from Final Fantasy 1

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The classic villains and main bosses of the first Final Fantasy! These 4 monsters: Lich (a rotting skeleton demon that is found in the Cavern of Earth), Marilith (a multiple armed snake demon woman that is found in the Gurgu Volcano) Kraken (the mythological Giant Squid can be found in the Sea Shrine) and Tiamat (Babylonian monster of myth found in the Floating Sky Castle of Lufenia) were responsible for draining the power of the 4 crystals that sustain their respective element in the world of the game Earth, Fire, Water and Wind(Earth crystal drained means dying land and Fire crystal drained means no fire outside of magic spells) They’re essentially the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse for this world. In order to restore the power of the Crystals the 4 Warriors of Light (the playable characters) must go to the aforementioned locations and confront the Fiends and restore the power of the Crystals. Their role in the story of the first FF was quite extensive for the time and made a cameo and homage appearance in Final Fantasy IX. These are classic FF monsters that are the old school Final Fantasy bosses.


#6 Tonberry from various Final Fantasies


Don’t let the cute look of this creature fool you this is actually one of the most dangerous monsters in Final Fantasy! They start off at one end of the field and each turn it will take steps toward you and when it shanks you with its Chef’s knife it will do extreme damage and it may occasionally perform the spell of “Everyone’s grudge” and will inflict damage based on the number of monsters that character has killed so far! So this monster can be very trying if it isn’t killed quickly!


#5 The Final Fantasy VII Weapons

The Weapons of Final Fantasy VII are enormous monsters of destruction created to destroy all life on the Planet if the Planet was in dire need. It was the Planet’s way of cleansing it of the threat and starting anew. Unfortunately Sephiroth controls them now and awakened them prematurely to ravage the Planet and follow his orders. The weapons are really powerful 2 of them being optional bosses that I haven’t beaten yet! The weapons are all named after types of gems (Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire) the lone exception is the Ultimate Weapon which is a recurring monster in FF, but I’ll talk about that later. Weapons meant to bring balance corrupted into becoming slaves to a madman bent on total destruction.


#4 Malboro from various Final Fantasies

Not to be confused with cigarettes this little pain in the ass is just as deadly. What these little tentacle monsters (don’t read too much into that) do is that it has an ability called Bad Breath and it casts every Status Ailment in the game on you! For those of you who don’t know what Status Ailments are they are ailments on characters that can range from being a simple nuisance to being an incredible hindrance! Poison has the characters HP drop a little bit periodically, Silence prevents the effected character from using magic, Confuse has the effected character attack allies, Blindness makes characters’ physical attacks miss etc. Any one of these is a nuisance or hindrance on their own Bad breath hits you with all of it at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is impossible to get away fully unscathed unless you have an item or accessory called a Ribbon (makes wearer immune to every status ailment) Even if you don’t get all of the Status Ailments you’ll get enough to make the character inept for the rest of the battle giving the Malboro plenty of time to take all of you out with his physical attacks! This monster is legendary among fans as the MOST ANNOYING MONSTER IN ALL OF FINAL FANTASY!!!!!!!


#3 Iron Giants from various Final Fantasies

It may not be an actual iron Giant, but it’s an Iron Giant type called Red Giant!

Okay even though that 2d animated movie of the Iron Giant was pretty good that Iron Giant was a pansy!!!!!!!! Now these Iron Giants are the real deal!!!!! Their design is unique, they’re intimidating with their huge swords and they are extremely resistant to physical attacks and have a decent magic resistance which makes them really hard to kill! You have to be over leveled and have a high defense to get through them! Not only are they fairly difficult they just look cool! I may like the old designs better, but they’ve still got it!


#2 Ultima Weapon from various Final Fantasies

This is not to be confused with the most powerful weapon of Final Fantasy (sword usually) it is a creature that often in most games has a connection to the famous blade! Like the blade it is also very powerful! With great magic and physical attacks it can easily decimate those that are unprepared! I like the classic design of the Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy VI best, but the other designs are no slouch! It’s a monster that earns its reputation!


#1 Behemoths from various Final Fantasies

There’s just something so simple and awesome about Behemoths that just makes them the best! They have an excellent design and they are powerful with great strength and magic powers as well as high physical and magical resistance! When I think of an intimidating monster in Final Fantasy I think of Behemoths first! If the gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV is any indication it will be. Plus they even have more powerful and difficult versions of themselves that have an instant death attack as their dying acts!


So those my favorite Final Fantasy Monsters and the tribute to this excellent franchise isn’t over yet! Join me next time where I can’t down the top 13 Final Fantasy Weapons!

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