In seeing this color,
so ALOOF at sight of it,
as it brings shivers down my spine,
so quiet the tone is,
muted in the spaces,
becoming uninteresting break of life.

If anyone was to wear you right,
they are to be seen as SERIOUS,
on sight.

Yet the words spoke are filled with ENERGETIC twists and turns,
they come off as the same person.

Even when they are TENSED,
so stiff in the shoulders,
they live life,
to what they can,
even if sour endings are likely to happen.

To even to look in the eyes of that shade,
they are HURT,
broken within,
of a past and future,
they never wanted,
but try.

Acid words in ANGRY,
that could burn to soot,
means only as a defense,
for there is no other way,
they can speak,
in getting a point across.

The color makes them only INTENSE in everything,
in growth,
and power,
for that’s how they were raised.

NOTHING is how others see them,
those who care of this dye that is thick,
and hard to tread through,
but still,
make it through.

Even when DOWN,
they look up,
for don’t wish to quit,
as the journey through pit of cold hell,
is far from other.

A paint like this;
becomes so MYSTERIOUS,
of how one sided people will gaze at,
for in ways,
it only means evil to those who hold it,
dearly as a friend,
in need.

When in fact,
the emotions of a STORMY tale,
will come,
full hearted,
no stopping,
if it tries.

Others could say it is NOT WORKING,
but do they really know,
this isn’t their way of doing things.

Wear this pigment,
shows you are OVERWORKED,
but went all out,
to get it done,
because done work,
is good work.

Being STRESSED out be damned,
as you are like this,
because that’s how life should be done,
to some,
not all,
so get over it.

Time to show,
that everything is done and over with,
to get EXCTIED,
for how life is,
when there is nothing else to do,
but have fun,
because a hard worker,
who wears this shine,
has earned it.

In meaning to where black,
from midnight to charcoal to ebony to even onyx,
got it right,
because when they saw this color,
they saw themselves.




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