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DEVAR’S TIDBIT OF WISE REASONING: ‘I didn’t get a chance to state my view and my thoughts of what I meant by the term “Minimalist Approach”. Basically what I meant was that while LOOM did in fact fail to tell us anything about the characters motivations and even properly build on its world. It did leave slight hints through the game’s dialogue about its world, like how each guild specializes in one art or skill and sometimes these guilds would commission the other guilds to do tasks.
For example in LOOM Fleece sent for a mage from the Mage’s Guild to help with their dragon problem and Mandible from the Guild of Clerics commissioned the Glassmakers and Blacksmith’s to craft things for him. This world concept was told in this “Minimalist Fashion” but it was just executed poorly, it matters not how much information you get from the minimalist means, whether big or small, the fact the game’s world was pitched in such a lighthearted way still says to me that the creators only did the minimum in introducing it. It just wasn’t enough. Am I making sense here?’

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