There was and still is,
about usernames,
which give character,
a welcome mat into telling about someone,
sure at times,
they are straightforward,
or oddly conceptual,
maybe even just hard to read.

But overall, on that alone,
gives all the more,
insight in wanting to know about,
someone, adding in coolness,
that someone,
is seen as paranormal . . .
the epicenes hits a new high note.

Now in what seen,
he’s not seen as a lot of things,
others would say.

He’s not an easy significant reviewer,
in a way he’s getting there.

He’s a critic that is just too harsh,
in ways,
but so are those of higher sight . . .
deal with it.

When it comes to his work,
there should be moments,
which this person isn’t what others think.

in truth,
tries farther than that,
is proving his point of approaching,
not being right or wrong,
just his imminent.

Take away all titles one could name him,
and he just be Rob,
who is just tremendous alone,
without that flair that makes him,

That reaches beyond in a realm,
not all know,
nor try to,
makes him awesome.

Paranormal Rob,
may not be what everyone is looking,
for in a reviewer,
but take that into account,
that maybe,
that’s what we are looking for.

As there is normal,
bi-normal . . .
it’s real,
just for this . . .
and there is paranormal,
the mystical light of everything and that is Rob.

May he never changed nor the people he drags with him,
in showing what he can do alone or teamwork,
for he shows what some higher rate reviewers are missing,
and it is not passion lacking,
it’s honesty.

And Paranormal Rob is full of it,
here’s to you man,
keep at it,
you are just a wonderful something,
every new critic wishes to be,
here’s hope you,
see it too.




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