Chapter 5

Marco comments that it’s weird practicing a morph since they usually just go into a mission in new morphs with no practice. Jake says the reason is because they are going in as spies this time and understanding roach senses can be hard.

I just realized…this IS the Animorphs’ first real spying mission. Whenever they morphed before they were either fighting or doing something with the morphs. I admit that Rachel and Jake were the first real spies in #2 The Visitor, but that wasn’t something the whole group was involved in. At least not the actual spying part.

Turns out that Marco is now in a new and better apartment. His Dad has a new job that was announced at the end of the last book.

Cassie, the animal lover, says that she’s grossed out by cockroaches and if it’s possible that they could morph something so gross that they wouldn’t exist anymore. Ax is confused by Cassie’s disgust as he is still learning about humanity.

Jake thinks that it’s surprising how used the group has gotten to Ax so quickly. Ax who is an Andalite and the brother of Prince Elfangor, the alien who gave the group the power to morph. He also remarks on the weirdness of watching everyone, but himself and Tobias, morphing roaches seeming normal now.

Jake looks away when the gang gets to the disgusting part of the roach morph and looks back at four cockroaches. Marco starts to say something and Jake thinks that they all look alike. He says ‘Hello’ and tells Tobias to tell the others he said ‘Hello’. The group then tries to really ‘hear’ Jake say ‘Hello’.

They quickly figure out how to ‘hear’ ‘Hello’. They then spend time really grasping how to understand human speech while in cockroach morph.

As the group demorphs, Jake remarks that even Cassie can’t make the cockroach morphing process look attractive. Why is it that it seems like in every book Cassie is pointed as the best morpher and then the comment is made that she can’t make a certain morph attractive? If it’s so rare for her not to make a morph attractive why has it happened in every book so far?

Once the gang has demorphed, Ax compliments the cockroach’s body. I must admit that I love Ax’s love for Earth.

Rachel, though, is disgusted by the roach morph. And then Marco has to be an ass and bring up the ant morph again.

Jake says that not everyone has to go and Rachel questions him about the statement. Marco then wonders why. It is Cassie who figures out that Jake is afraid for Tom’s life.

Marco says that they won’t hurt Tom, but Jake reminds the gang how involved Tom is. That Tom would kill any of the Animorphs if given a chance. Tobias reminds Jake that the Yeerk is the villain, not his brother.

I love you, Tobias!

Jake then tells the others about the nightmare he’s been having. About him in tiger morph chasing Tom and Tom turns around but it isn’t Tom. Jake doesn’t go into detail about who Tom turns into and I want the answer right now, dammit!

Jake then goes on to say that if they succeed then Visser Three may get so angry that he kills Tom. Marco says that they don’t have to make a decision now.

I like this part of Marco and feel it’s often overlooked. He is kind and caring as well as liking to make jokes all the time.

Jake agrees with Marco about waiting until later to decide if they should do the mission or not. Jake doesn’t feel relieved.

Chapter 6

Rachel wonders how long whatever they’re doing will take as she hadn’t set her VCR to record the movie of the week and Cassie reassures her that she had recorded it for her. For all my younger readers who have never lived in the era of no-DVR and only VCR: back in the day we used the VCR as you do the DVR.

Ax complains about his human morph and Tobias complains about his hawk morph since it’s night time. I swear Tobias is the biggest owl fanboy in existence. There is no equal.

Jake recounts how Ax is uncontrollable around food and loves making sounds with his human mouth.

Marco jokes about falling down and Ax seems not to get the fact that the human is just messing with him.

They arrive close to their destination and it turns out they’re going to a Sharing building. Jake and the others go into a basement. Really great commentary by both Rachel and Marco. Rachel sarcastically saying that being an Animorph is glamorous and Marco commenting on Tobias banging one of his wings.

As Ax demorphs, Jake repeats one of the rules of morphing: You can’t go from one morph directly into another one.

Before they morph into cockroaches, Cassie reminds everyone that this is just a spying mission. They’re not going to attack anyone. Cassie is really talking to Rachel since she brings up an elephant morph specifically. Cassie is also reminding everyone that Tom will be one of the Controllers which Jake is embarrassed about.

Marco asks Tobias if he can protect them from rats and Tobias says he’s the ‘rat-killer of the universe’. You two! Marco is not only making a joke but also reminding Tobias that he’s a useful member of the group.

Jake makes sure every member is ready and Ax seems overly eager to please Jake.

Rachel comments that if cockroaches weren’t so gross, she’d really be enjoying being one because it’s cool. Tobias says he still feels the need to step on them even though he knows they aren’t real cockroaches. Marco shoots back about what Tobias eats. I really really enjoy how Marco seems to be at ease helping Tobias by reminding him he’s useful and helping him get through his new life. Of course he always does this while not breaking his mask.

Jake notices Tobias has seemed to become used to his new life. But Jake focuses on the mission.

Tobias says he’s still watching them but is going to be airborne. Jake reminds the group that they’re sneaking into a Yeerk area so there will be Controllers looking for Andalite bandits. The really funny part of this is Jake says to act like normal cockroaches. Marco jokes about going into a cereal box since he had nearly eaten a bug that crawled into a cereal box before.

Jake feels better once they enter a crack into the Sharing building. Well…until he starts thinking about demorphing in that small space. Jake tells Tobias that they’re in and to stay safe. Tobias flies away and wishes the group good luck.

They finally get to an area that they hear Controllers talking. Marco jokes about it sounding like a pep rally and everyone but Ax laughs at the joke.

Jake tells the group to spread out so that they don’t look suspicious being in one big group. Before he can say otherwise, everyone is heading off in a different direction to spy. Jake is worried that this will look odd to the Controllers but he forgot that the Yeerks didn’t have to keep up the human act right now and so they go unnoticed.

Tobias is able to contact the group and says that a guy arrived in a limo. He also says that he has a bad feeling about the guy. When the guy arrives in the room the gang is in they hear that Visser Three has arrived.

Jake is confused as Tobias didn’t report seeing an Andalite. Feel free to facepalm. Marco is surprised that Visser Three can morph a human. Luckily there is Ax to basically tell Marco ‘No Shit’. Humans are animals so they have DNA. The whole group has seen Ax get his human morph so there shouldn’t be ‘how can the Visser morph human’. But ‘dammit, Visser Three now has a human morph’ is a logical reaction.

Visser Three talks about the plan with the hospital. He states that he plans for around two-hundred new Controllers a month. Shit!

Things get even better when the Visser announces plans to make a Controller out of the Governor. Rachel is the only one to really know how screwed Earth would be if that happens. Rachel says that the Governor will be running for President the following year. The gang realizes that if they allow the Governor to become a Controller then the Yeerks will have won.

Chapter 7

Jake decides that they’ve learned what they needed to know so they can leave now. Plus being in the vicinity of Visser Three can’t be all that comforting.

Jake realizes the implications of what they had just learned. It is one thing to fight a secret war but if the enemies got hands on more power…shit would really hit the fan. They are only kids and learning that they might have an even bigger war ahead is just daunting.

Jake’s roach mind is spooked by a vibration. Someone had nearly stepped on him!

A Controller points out that there are cockroaches while another one says it’s nothing. Visser Three is a highly paranoid being and is extremely hateful, so he says for the second Controller to be killed since the cockroaches might possibly be the ‘Andalite bandits’. While this paranoia is somewhat humorous, it’s easy to understand why the Visser would be so cautious.

Jake is worried that the second Controller had been Tom. Jake runs.

Visser Three orders for them to be killed so Jake says everyone for themselves. The funny part of this is when Jake tells the others for the roach brain to guide them. He thinks to himself that roaches are disgusting but they’re great at staying alive.

Some of the others have close encounters and Cassie screams that she doesn’t want to die like this. This is a kid’s book!

Jake is nearly squished against a wall and jumps out of the way and onto the shoe. Then he’s flying through the air and I’m laughing my ass off at the image. Of course I’m imagining Jake going, “Weeeeeeeeeee!” and waving a little flag too.

Cassie announces she found a way out and Jake suddenly remembers that he has wings in cockroach morph. But it’s too late as Jake is flung against another wall and runs underneath a paper as Ax and Rachel announce they’re safe.

Marco is inside a toilet as he thought it would be safe. Of course the joker would hide in a toilet. He says he decided to hide there since it seemed like a place a cockroach would normally hide. Marco also says that he’ll be able to make an escape soon.

Jake says that he would prefer to hide but has to make a run for it.

The two wish each other good luck and then a new enemy appears: bug spray!

Visser Three gloats after Jake gets sprayed and all seems lost. This is a kid’s book and it seems like one of the main characters is going to die as a cockroach!

Suddenly a new shape comes towards Jake and he can’t move to avoid it. But everything is okay since it’s Tobias who picks him up and takes him away from the Controllers.

Chapter 8

Tobias drops Jake on the roof of a restaurant. The roach part of Jake doesn’t understand what’s going on as it loses control of its body. But Jake understand that he’s dying. Tobias yells at him to demorph. Jake remembers how he used to laugh at killing cockroaches but now it’s not funny as he’s in the same situation. The dying part at least.

As Jake concentrates on demorphing he recalls the dream about him being a tiger and chasing Tom. When Jake is about to kill Tom, Jake changes into Tom and is about to be killed. Don’t worry, Jake, you won’t strike the final blow against Tom.

Jake opens his eyes and he is fully demorphed. Tobias is looking at him and asks if he is okay. Jake asks if Tobias thinks he is. Tobias replies that it was an odd morph since Jake was unconscious while demorphing. Tobias says that they’re on the roof of a restaurant.

Small little error I found: At the beginning of the chapter Jake knows where he is but now he has to ask Tobias?

Jake thanks Tobias and Bird-boy says no problem.

Tobias says everyone is safe but worried about him. Tobias also says he has heard the big news including Visser Three’s human morph. Jake says he doesn’t know what the morph looks like to sight like a human’s and Tobias reassures him that he saw the Visser leave.

Jake realizes Tobias is hiding something as he’s being too talkative. Tobias finally says that Tom left with Visser Three. This means that whatever is being planned is both big and will endanger Tom’s life.

The chapter ends on the realization the two have, but don’t outright say to each other, that if they succeed then Tom will die.

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