We are people;
we have goals,
we have problems,
we have a life,
we have time,
we have little chances to enjoy something,
we have faults,
we have a face that mirrors what others,
can’t compare themselves,
in the light of it all,
nor come close in it,
besides on that,
little by little,
we are people;
iota of problems,
can’t be a breaking point,
so be the moment,
have fun,
get lost in the space of imagination,
and just have fun,
we are people;
we can’t have everything,
we can’t live forever,
we can’t be comic superheroes,
we can’t waste what we got now,
there is more than just hollow bodies,
moving as ants,
hype on the purple dragon,
going places we are told to do,
for the time,
this is all we have,
do or die,
that’s how it is,
play it fair,
or cheat to get all,
do or die,
that’s how it will always be,
from here on out,
do or die,
we are something,
that has taken human form,
playing an eight bit game,
with a start,
and end,
from here on out,
that’s all it is,
we are people,
we are making choices,
do or die,
do or die,
forget or remember,
sit or stand,
our moment to speak,
fleets away,
the more one waits,
we speak now,
something in the ripples,
will follow,
do or die,
do or die,
you can’t change that,
we are people,
believing in our ways,
that have dig a hole we all can’t get out of,
so deep,
we could there forever,
with no care of what could come,
for even while now,
it is do or die,
to read this or not,
that was one own choice,
wise on that,
is another thought of its own,
we are people,
do or die,
we must,
in which now,
what is there in the middle,
where it doesn’t matter anymore,
nor care of what could happen,
which is on the one,
where the one,
all look up to,
when in truth,
there is only do or die,
free thinker or chain follower,
do not denied,
that’s how all will see it,
ripples again,
in fault of it,
do or die,
to speak or not,
do or die,
with one last chance,
before things are gone,
we are people,
but the world around us,
is fuzzy and unclear,
if it can even see us that way,
do or die,
let’s try,
and see if we really are people,
who are normal enough,
to deal with this world,
that didn’t seem ready for us,
do or die,
it is a start.




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