Manic Expression is a global community, with members and viewers all over the world. I find that to be more than a little amazing. As someone who has never stepped foot off his native soil, I never would have guessed I would have friends in countries like France, Finland, England, and Italy. How does that happen?

Maybe we should ask Madhog thy Master, one of our most prolific members. As half of Team Yume he giggles his way through horrible fiction, while in his reviews of such “classics” as Witching and Bitching he gives fair analysis of movies others would feel more comfortable in simply tearing apart. Madhog has done collaborations with Les when our musical co-founder passed through Italy, and he even had a prominent role in our second feature film, A Site in Scarlet.

Sometimes a member can be so prominent and important to Manic Expression that I pass them up for Spotlight month after month, convinced I already wrote about them. Thus was the case with Madhog. After all, here’s a guy whose been a member of this site for quite a while, contributing on a near daily basis. He’s easily one of our most recognizable members, someone we all know and, at times, perhaps take for granted.

You know, Manic Expression is an interesting community because people post here despite our limitations. We aren’t the biggest web site on the Internet. When we were on Webs the community grew despite the glitches and frequent site crashes, and now that we have our own web site the community still grows even though we have a tremendous amount of work left to do. One of the many things we need to do here is get people commenting again. Like I said, Madhog posts on a near daily basis and yet often gets no comments. Granted, the videos here at the site never did get as many comments as I would have liked, but they used to at least get a couple.

We all have lives, which I understand, and I think Madhog understands that too. None of us here really expect to become rich and famous, and no one posts anything at Manic Expression in the hopes of getting ten millions views and pages of comments. What keeps Manic Expression going is the community spirit, and the knowledge that your video or blog won’t be relegated to some corner of the site where no one can see it so we can push our big names. I know I’m guilty myself of not commenting as often as I should, but when someone works as hard as Madhog does he deserves more recognition. When you watch his videos, or anyones, or read a blog or listen to a podcast, make sure to hit that like button and show some love.

Madhog’s dedication to Manic Expression makes me proud to be a member here. We’re all here to do what we love and to share our thoughts with friends. I’m grateful he still chooses to share his thoughts with us.

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