Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll with adoring fans who continue to adore and idolize him to this day. Not only did he come out with some major hits, he made movies too. Actually he made lots of movies, I didn’t even realize how many until I looked it up (30! No kidding!!). He have been parodies and homages dozens up dozens of times with people acting and dressing like him. For years there were Elvis sightings and people still connect him with Las Vegas and flock to his home in Graceland to see where he lived. He sadly passed away in 1977 but left behind and enduring legend as an icon and is loved by millions…but I am not one of them.



I never liked his music. I don’t get it, why did women faint at the site of this guy? Don’t get me wrong he was talented and all, but I mostly find his songs annoying. Just something about his voice does not work for me, and I don’t care how much is moves is pelvis. In fact I have found that the oly time I love his songs is when someone else sings them. And that’s what I want to discuss today. Five covers of Elvis songs that I prefer over the more familiar and/or classic Elvis version.

In The Ghetto by The Cranberries


I don’t know if this is one his biggest hits but it’s OK when he sings it. But what I really prefer is the cover done by The Cranberries. That soft female voice just works a lot better than Elvis’s. She actually makes the song work for me. Of you want to hear it, here is a clip here. Not sure if this was made for the film “The Outsiders” but the clip has images from that in it. See it HERE


Jailhouse Rock by The Blues Brothers


I hate the Elvis version, it just makes my skin crawl the way he sings it. I never cared for this song….until I heard the Blues Brothers version. While I admit I was only a passive fan of them, the song just sounds so much more cool with that awesome jazz music playing! I love that scene and that song. Course it doesn’t hurt that Jailhouse Rock was a stupid movie while Blues Brothers was awesome. See it HERE



Blue Christmas by literally anyone else

Yeah I know, such a wiseass. I know it’s not Christmas but this list would be incomplete if this wasn’t on here. While I can at least tolerate his slower stuff (just wait till we get to my #1 choice), this song is terrible sung by Elvis. It just does not work for me. I never liked this song, until I heard song by others. The version that really sold me on it came in “The Year Without a Santa Claus”. It’s just sung so simply and fits the scene so well…this has become a favorite as long as someone else sings it. If you don’t mind a Christmas song in March, here it is HERE



Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by UB40

I didn’t even realize Elvis made this one famous, I just enjoyed this version. But yes it is a cover for Elivs’s own version. The Elvis version is Ok, nothing wrong with it. I just really love the UB40 cover. Not really much else to say here, this was a major hit for the band and it’s not hard to see why. Elvis’s sounds like something your grandparents would listen to. UB40’s just has a more modern feel to it, more upbeat and feels like it wasn’t made fifty years ago. Hear the better version HERE.

Burning Love by Wynonna
If you’ve ever seen Lilo & Stitch then you know what I’m talking about. Since Elvis was a major part of the backstory in that movie, several covers of his songs appear. This one knocked my socks off. I am dead serious, I never liked this song until I heard Wynonna’s version. She simply nails it! Elvis’s version NEVER did anything for me. I flat out hated it. But Wynonna made the song awesome, and I enjoy listening to it whenever I can.  See it HERE




So do I like anything covered by Elvis? Why yes there is one song even I can’t imagine anyone else singing. What is it? Check it out HERE



This was fun, hope you guys enjoyed it!!

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