Greetings Manic Fans. Les here to bring to a close the list with enough cool stuff in it to merit 3…count ‘em 3 separate top 50 lists. The first 50 are here

My favorite things in Science Fiction(By Les)

and the second 50 are here

Another 50 great things in Science Fiction(By Les)

And DAMN if I didn’t think of yet ANOTHER 50 great things in Science Fiction. I’ll say, though….THIS IS IT! I’m done with this topic after the next 50, my friends. Time to move on to the next great blog…However, first let’s look at 50 final things that make Science Fiction great.

Warning: Spoilers and cool things ahead…


Bionics(The 6 Million Dollar Man/The Bionic Woman)


Mechanical enhancement prosthetics that give super strength/abilities, Bionics were used by the OSI(CIA clone of 1970’s Television) to turn test pilot accident victim Steve Austin(Lee Majors-NOT Stone Cold, the Wrestler) and parachute accident victim Jamie Sommers(Lindsay Wagoner) into super spies.


Nanobots(Star Trek TNG, The Outer Limits)


Microscopic robots that self-perpetuate and act together to complete programmable tasks.


The Atavochron(Star Trek TOS)


What do do when your sun is going to go supernovae? The beings of Planet Sarpeidon built a time/space machine to send it’s entire population into its past. The Atavochron allowed each citizen to see film discs showing the location/time they would travel to and then prepare them, physically, for the journey. Prepared people could only travel one way to arrive permanently.


The Guardian of Forever(Star Trek TOS)


A sentient machine that acts as a viewer/gateway to any location/time in the universe. However, you have to time your leap through it, as it cannot freeze a moment for you.


The White Star(Babylon-5)


The Flagship of the Rangers, the White Star is the result of uniting Vorlon bio tech and Minbari warship tech to produce a ship that’s fast, powerful and self-repairing.




Individuals with extraordinary mental abilities of ESP/Telekenesis to control minds or destroy other vital organs through line of sight or over telephone lines by mere thought.


Shared Dreaming(Inception)


A machine that allows a people to share dreams where one builds the dreamworld and another’s sub-conscious populates it. Extractors use it to enter a victim’s dreams to steal their secrets, but ideas can also be implanted. Architects design the worlds and can use impossible architecture to create paradoxes in the mazes they make to produce shortcuts through it.


Trimaxion Drone Ship(Flight of the Navigator)


An alien ship run by an AI that’s designed to study other species by abducting them, examining them blanking their memories and then returning them at the same moment they were taken, so as not to interrupt their lives. Pretty considerate, really…




A fictional Soviet jet fighter in the 1980s that uses a special helmet to use a pilot’s thoughts to carry out maneuvers. Additionally, the ship can accelerate past Mach 3 to create the most wicked fantails over snow and water.




Now, technically…nothing in this game is futuristic in the technological sense. We could have played it even back in the 1970’s when the film came out. What makes it science fiction is the fact that it was completely original as a sport…well, sort of. OK, explanation time. Taking what was roller-derby, a race/sport played on roller skates, Rollerball adds motorcycles, gauntlets, weapons and a giant pinball to the game where a team has to capture the ball and insert it in a basket to score points. It has rules(at first) and is exciting to see played(Think ultra-roller hockey, and you just about have it…). It’s also used by the government as a distraction for the population. This makes Rollerball social Science Fiction. Anyway, I’d have paid money to go and see it played.


The T-1000 Terminator(T2-Judgement Day)


An advanced Terminator prototype made of polymorphic metal that can change its form to disguise itself and form stabbing weapons.


Alien Tripods(War of the Worlds)


From the mind of Science Fiction Pioneering Author, H.G.Wells, the walker vehicles of the aliens(originally Martians), these marching behemoths of metal are nigh indestructible. 60 feet tall with supremely articulating tentacular limbs they have a ray gun that disintegrates its victims, and shields that repel all armament mankind can muster.


War Rocket Ajax(Flash Gordon)


I had to include this very “retro” ship from the cult classic. Rocket fins, Rocket jets, slide open windows to shoot out of and a very pointy nose perfect for impaling Ming the Merciless on as you charge the palace.


The Stellar Converter(Battle Beyond the Stars)


A variation on the classic Death Star weapon. However this one doesn’t just blow up a planet, it converts it into a star!


Deflector Shields(Star Trek, Star Wars, Independence Day, etc.)


Invisible energy defenses against attack, shields repel lasers, asteroids and other threats as long as they aren’t overloaded.


Lifelock Crystals(Logan’s Run)


The ultimate population control by the government. It’s a crystal that’s implanted in your palm that counts your years. When you turn 30, it blinks red to signify that it’s time for you to “renew”(See commit ritual suicide or be hunted down by the Sandmen(terminator squads)).


Stones and the Fifth Element(The Fifth Element)


4 stone artifacts that, when combined with the Genetically Engineered Superbeing, the 5th Element, in the temple, produce a beam weapon that repels the orb of absolute evil every 5,000 years.


The Proteus(Fantastic Voyage)


I gave kudos to the shrinking beam in my first list, but this vehicle is worth a mention too. An experimental mini-sub powered by a nuclear reactor(very new tech when this film came out in ’65). The design is pretty clever making the maximum use out of very little space.


The Time Machine(The Time Machine(1960))


I listed the TARDIS and the DELOREAN on my first list, but this was the original Time Machine from HG Wells’ novel “The Time Machine.” A one-seater that goes forwards and backwards through time.


The Time Machine(The Time Machine (2002))


Normally, remakes aren’t that well done, but this film was quite underrated, IMHO. The Time Machine in it, is a definite improvement over the original, and is worth a mention on this list. A gorgeous creation of brass, crystal and wood, it goes forwards and backwards through time, but with more style.


The Library Computer(Star Trek TOS)


This isn’t that impressive anymore with the advent of the internet, but back in 1966, this was amazing. It’s also the inspiration that brought about the advances in computers that we enjoy today. A computer that interfaces with every book ever written in the galaxy, this was groundbreaking.


Clones(Star Trek, Star Wars, THX-1138, Jurassic Park, Aeon Flux, Battlestar Galactica, etc..)


Need more than one of the same person?…CLONE ‘EM! We can do this today..but we’re still years away from making an army out of Bounty Hunter Jango Fett…just saying…Also, we cannot clone Dinosaurs from fossilized mosquitos from the Jurassic era preserved in amber…but it’s a cool concept.


K.I.T.T.(Knight Rider)


The Knight Industries Two Thousand is a 1982 Pontiac Firebird with a load of cool extras:

Turbo thrust for propelling the car 50 feet through the air.

Indestructible shell that allows the car to crash through walls without denting.

An AI(Wonderfully voiced by actor William Daniels(Mr. Feeney to you Boy meets World fans out there…)that can drive the car, itself…talk about cruise control LOL!


Soylent Green(Soylent Green)


The answer to overpopulation and overpollution. A substance made out of processed plankton to support mankind as a food source. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration…it’s not really made from plankton….um….if you haven’t seen this film, I’m not telling the secret…all I can say is when you find out what it IS made out of, you’ll never be the same again, my friends…..I sure hope this ISN’T happening today…all I’m saying….




I gave WALL-E kudos on the second list, but his girlfriend, EVE is a really amazing robot too. She floats/flies and scans environments, has morph-able arms that form fingers and flip around to brandish an impressive plasma gun. She also conveys a lot of emotions through the shapes her digital “eyes” can form into.


Travel Tubes(Futurama)


A series of “Gerbil” tubes that run throughout the entire city of New New York that propel riders through on a rush of air to shoot across town to their destinations. When they get where they’re going a chamber slows down and spins you around so you land on your feet. Fry(Billy West) still hasn’t gotten the hang of this one…..


The Planet Express Delivery Ship(Futurama)


The invention of Professor Hubert Farnsworth(Billy West), this ship runs on Dark Matter engines, has a crane for loading/unloading cargo and a ray cannon for defense.






Eagle Spacecraft(Space 1999)


The workhorse for Moonbase Alpha, these rocket ships have thrusters and attitude jets for maneuverability and are really tough, crashing in almost every episode, but coming back to fly time and time again. Starbug from Red Dwarf might’ve been inspired by these ships


The Space Station(2001: A Space Odyssey)


Spinning like a giant double wheel, this floating edifice is basically an airport in orbit with security checkpoints, lounges, restaurants, public phones and lots of windows to see a rotating view of earth and the stars.


The PanAm Rocket Jet(2001: A Space Odyssey)


What resembles a modified Concorde jet with rocket engines and all the comforts of old-world flight..but without gravity.


The Moon Lander(2001: A Space Odyssey)


This is a really great design. A large sphere with rocket jets in the back and retractable landing struts, it’s the first science fiction moon lander that actually had a design in common with the ACTUAL lunar lander, but COOLER!..and a helluva lot LARGER!


The Rocket Bus(2001: A Space Odyssey)


The vehicle that takes the astronauts to the Tycho Crater to see the Monolith, this ship could’ve been the inspiration for the Eagle Spacecraft in Space 1999.


Grip Shoes(2001: A Space Odyssey)


It seems like a small thing, but not floating away in zero G seems quite practical. As far as I can determine, these are outer shoes that slip over your normal shoes and are made out of velcro which…grip the carpet of the floor. Quite clever, really…




Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that Avatar is a film filled with Sci-Fi cliches and plot devices stolen from about a dozen other films. However, the concept of the Avatar is fairly unique and worthy of inclusion on this list. An alien body genetically engineered to match the DNA of a host, who then is placed in a virtual reality bed and mentally drives the alien body. That they figure out a way to permanently instal the soul of the host into the Avatar at the end of the film is amazing.


The Martian War Machines(War of the Worlds)


George Pal’s adaptation of HG Wells’ tale dispensed with the Tripod Walkers and used these floating ships, instead. Like the Tripods, they have shields that make them impervious to human weapons(They even detonate an atom bomb over them and they just keep coming…). However, what distinguishes these machines of genocide are the weapons on them. They have a telescoping arm with a heat ray beamer on the end of it and wingtip disintegrator beam shooters. Plus, they make the eeriest, most wicked sounds as they’re being fired(the disintegrator beam shooter sound was taken and used as the Photon Torpedo sound in Star Trek TOS).




The exception to the 3 laws of robotics, Bender is selfish, lazy and, for lack of a better word, sleazy LOL! Built by the MOM Corporation to bend steel girders to become suicide booths, Bender ends up working(sort of) for Planet Express as the ship’s cook. He secretly wants to be a folk singer, is a compulsive kleptomaniac and gives all the best insults in the show.


Shadowvessels(Babylon 5)


The enemy of the Universe, the shadows use this powerful ship that resembles a huge spider. They have cloaking devices and really powerful ray weapons to sow chaos in the Universe.


The Nimbus(Futurama)


The Flagship of DOOP(Democratic Order Of Planets), the Nimbus is commanded by Zapp Brannigan(Billy West) and kind of resembles a gigantic Plymouth grille. It’s also been chopped in half and destroyed 5 or 6 times but keeps coming back for more…




A green alien newscaster who growls the news with consistent put downs on humans. He’s a riot to watch.


Keeping heads alive in jars(Futurama)


How else could you speak with all 44 US presidents Lucy Liu, Martha Stewart and the cast of Star Trek in the year 3,000?


The Bifrost(Thor)


Kind of a super-long-distance transporter for the Asgardians, this magnificent machine of spinning gold and crystal is operated and defended by Heimdall(Idris Elba).


Green Goblin’s Glider(Spider-Man)


A winged platform that GG stands on, this gadget built by Oscorp is fast with a multitude of weaponry available.


Silver Surfer’s Surfboard(Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)


Provided by Galactus, the Surfboard gives SS his power and ability to fly…through SPACE..ACE..ACE..ACE……


The Space Amoeba(Star Trek TOS)


Stretching the limits of size, this 2 thousand mile long Amoeba absorbed all energy sources in an attempt to gain enough power to multiply and conceivably evolve into a galaxy-sized lifeform….kind of puts you in your place, doesn’t it?


The Starship Heart of Gold(The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)


Stolen by President of the Galaxy, Zaphod Beeblebrox, this ship is powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive device that can accomplish anything…provided you figure out just how improbable it is LOL!


Tribbles(Star Trek: TOS)


Touted by Galactic trader Cyrano Jones(Stanley Adams)as the only love money can buy, these fluffy, furry, purring pets come in all colors, and are friendly to all creatures in the Universe…except the Klingons…word of warning…DON’T FEED THEM!….Not after midnight OR before midnight, or you’ll soon have more than you can handle.


The Borg Cube(Star Trek: TNG)


Definitive proof that there are no aerodynamics in space, this formidable vessel utilized by the collective is huge, cube shaped, fast, strong, powerful and self-repairs itself when damaged.


Spacedock(Star Trek III, IV, V and VI)


An enormous space station with an interior docking bay large enough to accommodate several starships.


George Jetson’s Car(The Jetsons)


How cool is this? A family car that flies with ejector pods to float each member down to their destination. When he gets to work he hits a button and the whole car folds itself into a suitcase!  I WANT ONE!


And there you have it, my friends.  The final 50 great things in Science Fiction.  If I missed any of your favorites, let me know…however, I don’t think I can come up with a 4th list, so fair warning.  I’d still love to know what your favorites are.  Peace.

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