Some only see on where,
on though class,
others hope to see it as,
true in no lie on that,
value is base on prettiness,
to the females,
that are easy on the eyes,
on what they,
does it matter,
it is getting say,
even in hate,
along with the male,
to those of gender lossless,
to maybe where,
on that placement,
on will to do in showing,
not in giving,
sight is loss to what,
those vibes truth and lie,
lie and truth,
so in fun of special cares,
nothing will go nowhere,
in speaking in care,
goes farther,
and longer than just looks,
but in sparing moments to give,
mean no words come close,
be fun in everything else,
not looks,
even in trying it all,
leave on the convertible,
on doing,
not on be,
go to go,
up and gone,
very on so,
choose to it,
near it how it plays,
be on it,
lack in clear,
see the looks and nothing else,
know the person,
and learn from it,
in seconds,
it bets on chances,
and always leaves,
only one to wonder,
so do ending,
it is getting,
no or yes,
leave it be,
and look to see it.




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