Fic Or Original: Original

Genre(s): Science Fiction/Romance

Rating: T (as according to fictionpress)

Characters In Chapter: Samara Crichton, Nazilla, Kered

Relationship(s): Samara Crichton/Nazilla, Nazilla/Glau

I was growing restless because of how ineffective I was being with repairing Glau. Each day added even more hours that made me feel useless. Each night Samara would try to calm me down either through talking or sex. Both ways weren’t effective at all. Every time the sun rose I felt even more useless.

“Don’t worry.” Samara said as she finished getting dressed. “You’ll figure this out or Kered will find a way to help us.”

“I am unsure that the man that wants to destroy the M-3 will be the one to help us.”

“Do you have a better idea?”


“You’re going to ask me to ask him, right?”

“He will hardly take any advice from a Machine. It’ll be better coming from you.”

Besides Samara being a human, she actually had Kered’s basic mindset. When I had been human, she had been the more stable of us. She would cut right to the points that Kered would be interested in. Still, it made me feel weak that a hum-that someone else could do something that I should be easily able to do.

If I had still been human could I have a chance at convincing Kered? Or would it still be Samara who would be the only one to be able to convince him?

Probably only Samara could even if I had still been human, he didn’t seem like he was the joking type and so my human antics would have annoyed him. But he would be more accepting of me at least. He would be okay with my joking side because I wasn’t a Machine. A Machine, at least to him, was always worse than a human.

To try and calm myself, I did yard work. I scanned everything while I was outside as that calmed me. It calmed me to have to use up so much that I could actually not really think for a few minutes. I focused on the temperature of the air and all the sounds I heard among many other things.

It was calming.

As I finished up the yard work, I waited to hear Samara come to me and tell me that Kered had decided not to help us. What other option would he take? He would probably look at all the information I had gathered and decide that was enough information.

He probably wouldn’t want to work hard to repair Glau. Glau was just too broken and Kered had to look at the bigger picture.

After I was done washing up after working outside, Samara finally told me his answer.

“Really?” I asked. “Kered has agreed to help fix Glau?”

“We’ll be visiting the Wind Karma whom he is going to speak with.” Samara said with a weak smile, putting her hand on my shoulder. “This is what you want, right?”

“It’s what is good for Karma.”

“No, it’s what’s good for you.”

“I’m not petty like I was when I was human, Samara.”

“Do you love me?”


“Then you might be a little more human than you think you are.” Samara said with a worried grin.

I didn’t want to tell her that she was wrong and that I had been changed by my death. I couldn’t tell her that because she had hopes and I didn’t want to take any of them away from her. So all I did was give her a nod and then she told me the rest of the instructions as we both went down to the basement.

Glau looked at me and I could see the two sides of her warring to try and take control. I went over to her and thought of the best way to take her chip out without damaging her further.

As I carefully took it out, the Machine side started to take over. She yelled and shouted as I took her chip out. Her struggling made it nearly impossible for me to take the chip out without damaging it. That was probably her goal, she would rather die than become a member of Karma.

There was some nobility in that. There was nobility in preferring death over the loss of freedom. But that didn’t help me now and I could feel Samara’s nervous eyes on me.

I finally managed to remove Glau’s chip and handed it to Samara. She then put it into a container to help better protect it.

“Kered doesn’t trust me.” I said as I watched her put the container into one of her pockets.

“You knew that.” Samara replied.

If Kered had trusted me he would have allowed me to remove the chip by myself. It wasn’t exactly a job that required two people. But I was a Machine and therefore couldn’t be trusted. I knew Kered was in a position where he had to be that careful, but that didn’t mean his suspicion stopped hurting.

A few hours later and I was helping to load up the car. Kered’s eyes seemed to keep a constant focus on me as if I couldn’t be trusted for even a second. I worked faster than normal just so he would stop looking at me.

“Nazilla,” Kered said as I helped him pack his suitcase. “Why do you really want to repair the M-3? Samara does a good job with lying, but I can tell she’s covering for you.”

“I merely want what is best for Karma. If that means spending time and effort to repair a broken Machine, then I think the stress is worth it.”

“You better be telling me the truth.”

There was no more talking between any of us as we finished packing and left. Glau was in the trunk and Samara was driving. I got the back seat and Kered got the passenger seat. I looked at Samara’s house as we left it behind.

Did I want to repair Glau because she had a use to Karma or was it because of something more personal? I loved Samara, but I felt something for Glau that I couldn’t explain. I didn’t want to explore my feelings for Glau as they would just get in my way of being a useful member of Karma and girlfriend of Samara.


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