From how most will see it,
there are just words,
which will play from one’s mouth,
and incomprehensible when read out loud,
think for a moment,
could that were maybe a reason,
a reason where every often,
the lines of letters just,
do not match,
and to notice at times,
a word or so,
is used the wrong way,
or was it at all,
on off in the end of it all,
people of hated can’t change,
those who just meet their standers,
even if their standers,
are a load of shit,
and very just shallow,
but they are who,
and turning the tables,
no one could be better of it all,
take that stroll of throwbacks,
recalling of the times when being,
up and low,
and never finding a middle ground,
is what made anyone,
into what they are in long run,
finding a place,
that spouts words;
of indifferences,
to even just to listen what is being said,
does it change the earth from spinning,
its endless spun road,
or does just keep going,
for even at obscure talk,
that spikes those,
that are just too tender,
for they just seem to fail one thing,
without even knowing nor trying,
if something that comes off,
understandable for the ears,
and confusing to process,
why speak about it,
when staying quiet,
would work better,
sadly though,
of the ones that come to mind,
that would fit this,
would only mistake for something else,
and lash out,
for being harsh,
when in return,
so were they,
eye to eye,
on that everyone has an unsaid role,
to live up to,
even if they don’t know it,
silent may be the key to come,
but factual spirit indeed,
comes nowhere close,
in gabble takes of words,
that at times,
just won’t make sense,
that even friends will get lost,
but they are growing from it,
learning their own ways,
playing unsaid roles,
that’s what everyone is,
even by a shallow bay terms,
that’s how things are,
spouting and riffing,
caring and tendering,
leaving all else,
in a new hue and it is blue,
for being cheerfully sad when things go flat,
to going somber confuse when things rise and fall,
leading to saying hello again to life,
noticing that in almost blindness didn’t see it there,
still being an asshole,
as always,
cattle is black,
just as the pot,
incomprehensible is key,
now find the lock to it,
and never try to make sense of things,
that were never meant to be pried on,
for in an eye to eye look,
wouldn’t that make everything up to now,
just come off to everyone that just didn’t care at first,
when really they did hypocritical?




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