There is more out there,
it is a fantasy realm in silver screen,
endless in book plots and imagination,
while some come off as insanity for those just,
a little too far,
tin foil hats for everyone,
if you understand,
childish for the young,
as they don’t understand,
the way adults act,
seeing that an alien,
is not only in space,
yet just a country away,
in time they’ll understand,
and few will wished to welcome,
the strange and out there,
though for now,
relies only on the avatars of words,
trying to make actuality and invention,
believing in things,
have and will always,
be debated what lives in space,
there are worlds,
total of 10 known cosmos are being looked into,
tense emotions of all kinds,
follow not long after,
is wrong to believe in things,
that are far beyond,
in what others believe,
that would be asking a child,
if they believed who brings them gifts,
who hides the color eggs,
who hides the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
would believing being in the MIB,
be so bad,
in thinking of now,
escapism is escapism,
getting away from anything,
and maybe everyone,
hoping on that unicorn and run,
into the forest,
and get away,
yet to only wake up,
from a dream,
that you likely blame drugs and alcohol,
maybe weird snacks,
in the middle of the night,
in the end of the rule,
it was just to get away from what is front of one’s eyes,
wanting to leave for just a moment,
taking a breather,
before going right back into life,
with a more calmed look,
of everything around,
out of abnormal gaze of it,
life get’s hard,
for those . . .
of life’s ways,
we own it or are enslaved to it,
complete on full drive to get,
to just get through,
it all,
far as now for thinking of,
where it can all go,
the world of the internet,
the online world seems to understand,
as again,
it is escapism,
relaxing for the brain,
away from what is out there,
escapism is escapism,
could it be a excuse,
from how ways work,
never in so of this,
shit get gets real,
there is no other way to say it,
of a world that is our home,
and we have to make due or do something,
having it mean incredible matters,
chances to do,
risk to take,
one step in and relax,
one sprint out,
and prepare for it all,
escapism, the friend and foe,
when it’s time to relax,
and time to live it be,
from space to personal views,
tin hats to GIF videos,
we have this drive,
in us,
to just go,
step forward to say,
with your voice,
but know when to step down,
when there is a battle,
that can’t be fought,
of a certain truth,
of it all,
that the to the point stun,
that comes and blows,
in and out,
of a flame made of words,
misjudge . . .
don’t forget,
in likely hood of it all,
it’s called escapism,
take notice of it,
or not,
it is real,
and right now,
taking away is like a drug,
helpful yet also hurtful,
please keep that in mind,
use wisely,
for oneself,
and those around.




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