Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to ask a question to see if anyone has an answer that makes sense. Have you ever seen those guys in costume on the street corners with sales arrow signs that dance and spin the signs to attempt to get business out of the people driving past? You know…usually dressed up as a Statue of Liberty or a Mattress, or something attention getting? They dance around and shake the sign. They spin it like a propeller or a fan or something.


OK…here’s the question:


First of all….WE’RE IN CARS!!!!! We’re not standing still.  We’re traveling!  we’re not supposed to be watching the dancing ad, we’re supposed to be watching the road as we drive. You know…not to crash or anything?


Secondly….WHY WOULD YOU SPIN THE SIGN?!?!?!?!? It’s hard enough to read just driving by….do you actually believe we can discern the product, words or sales pitch when you’re spinning the motherfucker around?


Lastly….see the first two reasons and you don’t need more.



We have laws against texting on the phone while you drive since it’s distracting. How is attempting to decipher a moving, dancing, spinning mini-billboard any easier to do? Does this seem impractical and insane to anyone else? And, I’m not putting down the people who do the dancing and spinning. Anyone interested in working for a paycheck has my respect. I’m more looking askance at whoever came up with the idea. Can anyone enlighten me, my friends? I’d love to know your opinions on this. Peace.

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