shormlitI had landed on many different worlds for the military, but no mission had ever been so important as this one.

Before the missions had involved the freedom of the galaxy, true, but this mission was more personal.

The Shormlit had made its landing an hour before and we were waiting for the Skrit Na to fully prepare for us.

Why do they have to take so long? Quio asked.

Would you feel safe with possible enemies entering your home world? Inior asked. The thought of the Yeerks coming to our home world is frightening.

The Yeerks could never enter our planet. Quio replied confidently.

I worried about her confidence as that could easily get her killed. It was one thing to be confident enough to fight, it was another thing to think that nothing could harm you.

On the bridge Quio, Inior, and the rest of my family were with me. Chee just looked at the screens observing what could be seen of the Skrit Na.

When you’re fighting a war you have to keep an open mind. I told Quio. It’s never wise to underestimate your enemies.

What about overestimating them? Quio countered.

Your father knows what he’s talking about. Faniffoy, my wife, told her.

Father? She’s a human woman masquerading as an Andalite.

Are you saying we should hand him over to the other Andalites? Enichonsho asked worriedly.

No. Quio said and seemed angry at that assumption.

“Then what would you do with him if given the chance?” Chee asked her. “He is saving you. Do you think the others of your species would act kindly to the daughter of a person like Eoptis?”

I knew the Pemalites to be pacifists, but that didn’t seem to blind them to the truth of the universe. They wouldn’t fight, but they weren’t oblivious to how other societies could act.

As long as Quio won’t turn me in I don’t think we have anything to worry about. I said and didn’t add the fact that she had to be well behaved for the meeting with the Skrit Na.

One of the screens glowed and then a hologram of a Skrit Na was on the bridge with us.

“Prince Eoptis, we are ready for you.” The Skrit Na said.

We will meet you. I said and moved my stalk eyes so that they would look over my family.

A minute later and we were all walking through the Shormlit to the Skrit Na home world, with me in the lead.

If you mean us no harm, you may go HERE to check up on me and my family.

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