On the Edge of Arrogance


I can be described as what may be so boldly called “one lucky bastard.” One of the luckiest things that ever happened to me was that I was born to terrific parents. Kent and Carol Nicholson tried really hard to raise two solid children, and I hate to form opinions without basis, but I think they did okay. (My sister may have a different opinion on the first child they had, but who cares what that little snot thinks.) My parents taught me many things that I have found of infinite value through my life thus far. One of the most important things that I have imparted to people who read my drivel is to be yourself. However, I feel like I have beaten that horse to death, so I want to talk about something else they tried to teach me.

It is important to be humble. Why you may boldly ask? Well, if I was less humble, I would say fuck you for asking. However, I did not totally miss out on this lesson. As we travel through this world, we have to develop a balance. You see, this lesson from my parents relates to the first. I have to be myself, you should be yourself, and so and so forth. However, there is a real danger to feeling like your position and person is superior to others because you go forward like the deep down bad ass you are. Bad ass or not, it does not give you or I the right to put others down.

Being humble is a hard thing. This does not mean that we should shy away from our accomplishments or think less of goals we achieve than we deserve. When I graduated college, I was damned proud of myself. I worked hard and received what I had earned. There are plenty of other such things that have brought me pride over my lifetime, but recounting all of them would probably become boring as listening to me tell stories about running a disc. (Trust me. It was an activity where I just drove back and forth through a field. Farming can be a touch shitty and monotonous.)

Of course, just because I show pride and feel good about things I have done, I cannot start thinking I have it all figured out or am the absolute best version of myself. I cross the line from pride to superiority far too easily. Intellect has always been my weakness. I tend to think I am smarter than the stupid asses I meet. (See, I told you it was my weakness.) This is not good. No matter how superior or how much smarter I feel than an individual, that person knows things I don’t. He or she (I love all genders.) can add to my intellectual acumen. There are times when he or she may outwit me at which time he (I am cutting out the she here for sexist reasons. ((Not really, I just want to see if anyone is still reading))) will have the right to gloat because of what an ass I was.

Arrogance can lead to pain. Arrogance can lead to stagnation. If you or I is so bold as to believe ourselves to be the proverbial best thing going, there is no reason to get better. I have yet to meet the person who has no room for improvement. Hell, I am well aware that I have plenty of short comings. I don’t know what anyone reading this has for qualities they would like to work on, but I know we do.

Many of you know, I host a show called Historical Perspective. Honestly, this article is all about perspective. I need to understand that balance between letting my freak flag fly, pushing forward, and having pride versus treating others as inferior and being a general ass. My parents showed me how to walk this line. I appreciate that. I feel like most of the good things about me come from this and it is why I am overall, a grounded and decent person despite really hating soul patches.

Also, my sister is awesome. I was joking with the snot comment.

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