Living in the life an ancient soul,
with knowing too much,
giving little back,
for his take of seeing it,
or even finding a insight from her,
on a lower mindset,
leaves little on each way to give an answer,
whispering endless on facts,
while the murmurs dye the world,
combine those looks of it all,
mixture in full sight,
beyond the mountain a glow is seen,
mistaken as a sun’s worship,
and a moon’s odium has the skies blend in colors,
unable to answer nor even bother a question,
to ask on a lonely yell to echo,
what is to stop it,
lean in from it,
for it brings weakness,
but to also learn from it,
comes to be akin as a cherry blossom tree,
about to spout,
because it was just the right moment,
to do it.




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