I really fucking hate 90’s kids for a lot of reasons, but the main thing that bugs the hell out of me about this group of people is there superiority complex of “my childhood was the best childhood because we had great cartoons and anything from 2000 onward is shit herpaderp”. This batch of mongoloids are unbelievably diluted because I’ve seen a lot of 90’s cartoons and I can safely say that this decade of childrens cartoons had a metric fuck ton of horrible cartoons and I’ve somehow picked ten out of that stink pile. So with that out of the way, let’s begin this list with a eco friendly cartoon… and sadly one I liked when I was three.


  1. Captain Planet

Captain Planet and the Planeteers title.jpg

Preach the green gospel Ted Turner, preach it loud to all the children with one of the sappiest and laziest god damn cartoons I saw as a kid, using one dimensional/thoughtless characters to hammer you over the head with “save the environment” to the point where you’re bleeding out from blunt force trauma.


  1. Sonic Underground


Out of all the three Sonic cartoons, this is by far the worst because while Sonic Adventures was completely brain dead and nonsensical, at least it didn’t have musical numbers in every episode that forces your ears to listen to Steve Urkel sing… also the show is bland as fuck with a tired story and boring episodes.


  1. Dumb and Dumber

Dumb & Dumber Cartoon Title.jpg

There were several annoying trends when it came to 90’s cartoons, and you’ll see the worst of the rest of these later in the list, but the first one I’ll go over is the trend of “Ever Movie in the 90’s Gets a Animated Show” and this show was hands down the worst of the lot with it’s horrendous art style to the lack of any funny jokes.


  1. Yo Yogi!

Yo Yogi!.jpg

Another trend in the 90’s that was probably the most annoying of them all is the need for everything to be extreme and Yo Yogi is by far the biggest and most annoying example of this, dressing up classic characters as young hip teenagers who got to the mall were bad stuff happens… that’s literally it… that is how vapid and pointless this show was… fuck the 90’s.


  1. The Brothers Flub


If you want to pinpoint the moment when Nickelodeon started to go down the crapper, look no further than this horrendous excuse of a show which quality can be summed up in its opening which is one of the most obnoxious openings I’ve ever seen in a animated show..


  1. Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain



This combination is a lot less like peanut butter and chocolate and more like crude oil and sandpaper, a really stupid idea that has a end result of total misery, but replace horrible taste/death with rancid humor and a sense of pointlessness that only something this insipid can provide.


  1. Wacky World of Tex Avery

I’m the type of guy who gets really annoyed at constant noise that never ends, so when I saw this show as a kid, I almost wend freaking mental because this show thinks that in order to be funny, you need to be constantly noisy and obnoxious 24/7 (it’s some how worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum).


  1. Street Sharks


We’re finally at the point where we get to talk about the shows with horrendous animation because say what you will about the previous shows, they at least had decent animation, but shows like Street Sharks have animation that’s damaging to the eyes with it’s gross incompetence (they literally misplaced the head of one of the characters)… also it’s a shameless TMNT knock off  which was another annoying tend in 90’s animation.


  1. Darkstalkers


Speaking of annoying trends in 90’s animation, there was the disastrous trend of giving fighting games their own cartoons and out of all the shows in this quagmire of garbage (Street Fighter TAS and Mortal Kombat Defender of the Realms for example) the worst by far was Darkstalkers which runs the gambit of crap from bad dialogue, bad animation, lazy storytelling and far worse.


  1. Hammer Man

Oh boy this show, this freaking show, this show is probably the worst animated show I have ever seen in my life because literally nothing works from the asinine idea (a kid puts on MC Hammers talking shoes and fights crime), to the terrible animation, the crappy writing, the amazingly lazy villains and so much more… god this show was fucking awful, the only thing I can think of that could possibly be worse is if had a Milli Vanilli cartoon.

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