trying to figure out how to make a comeback,much harder than i thought when one of our members suddenly removes me from facebook for reason unknown. Guess we’re weeding out the dedicated from the rest. its looking like only me and one other person so far. Or we all might die. who knows lol. but i might just start on a solo thing until i can find some people more worthy of the cause. Anyway, im saving for a ps4, im assuming that if we playing more up to date games we’d get more views, but its tough with you are poor as dicks in a forgotten bucket in downtown new york. Only me and robert might do this this,and it might be the best considering he really wants this done,as well as i, which means we’ll have to change the intro and such. its about time we update our looks anyway. and more importantly i got a semi-decent pc, so i can start editing video on my pc cause robert’s laptop is kinda old,but was getting our videos out,so i am grateful for that. trying not to be a butt and go solo, partly because im lazy lol partly because i like doing things with friends. but i must get ready for work so until next time.

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