Running forward,
and down,
going somewhere,
but is there really anywhere to go.
Over in to that,
under the falls,
trails with nothing to known,
but no understanding,
much in understanding it all.
Running to where else,
yet nothing to all.
Running farther than anyone,
but is anyone going anywhere,
to somewhere,
furthermore where?
In facts there are possible ways,
but fictional ways,
that scared the paths,
of leaving everywhere.
Ending on a path that,
lead nowhere else in it all!
Confuse now,
wait still,
fast pacing means little,
responded in latter recalling,
causes nothing nowhere,
and home?
Bloody hell of a sinner trust,
while a saint lie,
bleeds in a oil brown tar,
gluing in still,
nothing ever else,
came in boastful greens laughter,
that comes from a snare that,
where’s off a warming tone,
that could have been tinted purple,
like a flu cough.
The rainbow would only cringe,
run away as well,
to get away from how life,
has turned beyond space’s void,
that is only known as a black hole.
Leading cords elsewhere,
in death of so,
mending a realm far from here,
too onward beliefs.
Where in so,
see on foe,
a friend is gone,
gin and tonic becomes a replacement,
leaving to so,
a gun to the temple,
shaky with a finger,
a trigger will go.
Running on,
farther on,
jumping forward,
falling back in facts,
looking up to fictional typos that mock the facts,
lies and truth,
happily married,
no more on that.
Just run,
fill high weight with a drug that forms in fumes,
thick and peaceful,
running out,
running dry.
The trigger is pulled,
hitting neither wood,
nor even graves the skin,
liquid in might of booze,
eyes void just as the cosmos,
running off to where unknown,
yet finally,
the running buzz is quiet.
Another day has gone,
lived passed date,
and another to go.
Time to run again,
off we go,
run buddy,
there is little else to do,
but run.




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