It’s too much, too much, to have a choice.

With nothing to be hold.

No limits.

No faults to weigh one down.

No one to be stopped.

Nor given the choice to fight.

For a bribe wins them over, in time.

No challenge.


Everything just comes easy.

Getting everything easy.

No fight.

Nothing to stop all others.

That even who bolds the clasp, gets it all.

Yet, losing it all can just as happen, it is just so close.

It’s all there, used to one’s pleasure.

Soon again vanish, not dust, just gone.

The unneeded and unwanted closing only grown.

To reach a certain level.

Just gone.

Able to do things, yet know, it could be over.

So soon it hurts.

To have.

To lose.

Having too much is just a nightmare.

That’s what it is.

A bad dream that at any time.

Al of it gone.

Bonds fading from just a mistake.


Trick of worsen affairs.

All earned in little time.

Lost just the same.

Maybe to have it all is just the same.

Not worth it.

Nothing of it is not is worth it!

When it won’t last long enough.

Why bother with it?

Lies dye in green.

Burst to flames.

Ashes away.

In a moment like that.

There is no point of it all.

Never keep it.

Earn it and lose it.

Keep and give.

Troubles of it all, no, never have it.

Having no point to have it, but it is needed, but how much should?

How much should be used? How much?

Until it matters not to worry, but worry to keep it.

Only to end up losing it.

Oh curse it!





Fear of Wealth

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