Greetings Manic Fans. Les here to follow up my last blog on my 50 favorite things in Science Fiction. It turns out…I MISSED QUITE A LOT OF OTHER GREAT THINGS IN SCIENCE FICTION…so, I’m going to do a second list to give credit to some amazing things that I should’ve remembered on the first list LOL!


Warning:  Some Spoilers and awesome science fiction stuff ahead….




A really unique robot, WALL-E is basically a garbage compactor robot that was left to clean up lethally polluted Earth and developed a personality over 700 years. He’s clever, resourceful and has a penchant for souvenirs, romantic musicals and his girlfriend, EVE.


Cylons(Battlestar Galactica-1978)


The shiniest, flashiest robots in Science Fiction, the Cylons are the mortal enemies of the 12 colonies of Mankind. 3 models exist: The IP models(silver and tall with the 2 flashing eyes and greater intelligence), the Command Centurions(gold models with a single flashing eye) and the Centurions(Chrome models with a single flashing eye)


Spinners(Blade Runner)


Used by the police force in 2019 in Los Angeles, the Spinners are flying cars with flashing lights. They fly gracefully and efficiently while looking really bad assed.


Travel Pods(2001: A Space Odyssey)


One seater EVA vehicle, the travel pod has 2 robot arms with 4 “hands” to do intricate work. It also has a hatch with explosive bolts that come in handy if you ever need to do an emergency entry into the airlock without your space helmet….


The NTI’s(The Abyss)


Not covered under my “Aliens” listed in the first list, the NTI’s are Non-Terrestrial-Intelligence beings who live at the bottom of the Cayman Trough in the deepest part of the Ocean. They’re luminous, use a hydro-technology to control water and can move 130 knots underwater. Just think “Close Encounters of the Third Kind…except at the bottom of the ocean, and you’ve just about got it.


Daleks(Doctor Who)


Easily listable in any top 10 best bad guys list, the Daleks are the Baddies in Doctor Who that saved the series from cancellation. They sound ridiculous, but when you see them, they are impressively intimidating and horrific. One-eyed squids that only feel hate encased in nearly impervious metal shells. Who knew a giant pepper pot with a sink plunger and an egg whisk could be so bad assed? EXTERMINATE!!!!EXTERMINATE!!!!EXTERMINATE!!!!


Klingon Bird of Prey(Star Trek III, IV, V, VI, etc.)


Scout class vessel of the Klingon Empire, the Bird of Prey has 3 wing positions for “Attack,” “Cruise” and “Landing.” It has a cloaking device and room for a crew of 12 and an impromptu makeshift whale tank for 2 humpbacks.


The Death Star(Star Wars)


A giant armored space station that can fly built by the Galactic Empire, the Death Star houses thousands of tie-fighters, Imperial stormtroopers, tractor beams and a super-laser system with enough power to destroy an entire planet.


Pod Racers(Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace)


While the film, itself was kind of mediocre, the Boonta Eve Pod Race was a great sequence and these one-man crafts that go 700 miles an hour are the reason why.


X-Wing Fighters(Star Wars)


Small one man fighters with lasers and proton torpedoes, the Rebel X-Wing fighter is a mainstay in the Alliance. 2 wing configuration for cruise and attack modes, they also have hyperdrive.


Soviet Spacecraft Alexi Leonov(2010: The Year We Make Contact)


The Russian Spacecraft used in the joint mission between the Soviet Union and the United States of America to reach the USS Discovery to recover it before it’s orbit around Jupiter Moon IO decayed and to investigate the 2nd Monolith.


Infinity Stones(Marvel Universe)


So far, we’ve seen 4 of them(The Tesseract(Captain America: The First Avenger), The Aether(Thor: The Dark World) the Mind Gem(Loki’s Scepter(The Avengers)) and the Powerstone(Guardians of the Galaxy), and there are 6 of them. The infinity stones are the results of 6 anomalies that pre-existed our Universe. We’ll see them all in the 3rd Avengers film when Thanos harvests them for the Infinity Gauntlet WOOT!


Coruscant(Star Wars Episodes I, II, III)


The perfect example of technology taken to the nth degree. The entire planet is one big metropolis. The Galactic Senate, the Jedi Temple and billions of flying cars occupy this glorious world.




I gave kudos to Deep Space 9 in the last list, but this Space Station came out at the same time and for all intents and purposes is, actually, far more impressive. A 5 mile long edifice of spinning metal orbiting Epsilon III, Babylon-5 is the ultimate galactic united nations in neutral space. Home to 250,000 humans and aliens with a council headed by the 5 major powers in the Universe: Earth, Centauri, Minbari, Narn and Vorlon. It’s the last, best hope for peace(or victory depending on which season you watch).


The USS Cygnus(The Black Hole)


An enormous well-lit spaceship commanded by Dr. Hans Reinhold(Maximilian Schell), it has an amazing anti-gravity device that allows it to hover over a black hole without getting pulled in.




I gave the lightcycles credit in the last list, but these digital “frisbees” are pretty neat too. They keep a record of everything a program learns and can be flung as a weapon to “De-Rez” opponents.




And while we’re at it, these flying craft are intimidating and impressive. Utilized by the MCP, they hunt down rogue programs and keep order. And, no…I’m not including the tanks on this list. I thought they were lame when I first saw them, and my impression of them hasn’t improved since LOL!


The Starcar(The Last Starfighter)


Transportation for StarLeague recruiter Centauri(Robert Preston), the Starcar is wicked fast and transforms into a spaceship that has stardrive.


The Gunstar(The Last Starfighter)


2 man fightercraft flown by a navigator and weapons fired by a gunner, the Gunstar has 4 main engines and 12 attitude jets for remarkable maneuverability. It fires 5 laser cannons, 4 proton bulbs banks and has a last resort weapon called “Death Blossom” that I covered in the first list.


The Dropship(Aliens)


Transportation from the Sulaco to the planet’s surface, this gunship used by the Colonial Marine Corps is a great design. Fast and well-armed, just don’t take off if your co-pilot notices a big pool of alien slime and tells you to hold on a minute…


The Blob(The Blob)


A unique alien made of protoplasm, the Blob can ooze through almost anything and absorbs its victims to become larger and larger. RUN!..don’t walk from THE BLOB!




A huge living starship, Moya was originally a prison ship but broke her programming to be a ship of freedom.


Food Synthesizers(Star Trek)


A wall device that instantly produces food and drink from nothing, the Synthesizer feeds the starship crews of the Federation. “Tea, Earl Gray…Hot!”*looks at illustration*…”I mean….Coffee, black…hot!”


Shape Shifters(Star Trek, Star Wars, Space 1999, Doctor Who, Dune, etc.) Founders(DS9), Chameloids(Star Trek VI), Psicons(Space 1999), Polymorphs(Red Dwarf), Psirens(Red Dwarf), Changelings(Star Wars), Face Dancers(Dune), etc.


Those aliens that can change their appearance are mysterious and awesome.


The Great Machine of the Krell(Forbidden Planet)


Built inside the planet Altair IV, the amazing technology millions of years ahead of our technology has 40 miles of klystron circuitry 817 levels and hundreds of thermonuclear reactors to take Krell thought impulses to create matter from mere thought.


Sentinels(The Matrix)


These flying squid-like robots are implacable, and nearly unstoppable short of using EMP technology.


Gort The Robot(The Day The Earth Stood Still)


9 feet tall, the metallic Robot is a peacekeeper in the Universe that has a raybeam eye that can instantly vaporize threats. Plus, the music they play in his scenes is eerie and powerful utilizing low brass, timpani and an electro-theremin.




I gave the Terminators their due in the first list. Here, I’m listing the future of Law Enforcement developed by Omni Consumer Products for crime fighting in old Detroit. Alex Murphy(Peter Weller) is a police officer killed in the line of duty who is transformed into a cyborg. And MAN! Does he kick ass! And, no….remake Robocop isn’t worthy of this list.


Foldship Navigators(Dune)


Ixians mutated by the Melange orange spice gas, the Navigators fold space to bring the ships to any point in the Universe without moving.


Optimus Prime(Transformers)


Leader of the Autobots, Optimus(Peter Cullen) is a giant robot who transforms into a semi-truck. He is courageous and has absolute authority any time he speaks.


Planet OA(Green Lantern)


Built by the Immortal Guardians as a world to watch over all of creation, the Planet OA is the home of the Green Lantern Corps. At it’s core is the master battery for storing the emerald energy of will.


The Maze(The Maze Runner)


With concrete and metal walls 60 feet high, the Maze shifts and changes with booby traps and unfriendly giant cybor-spider-like threats called grievers nightly as the ultimate test to see just how resourceful the kids trapped on the other side of it are.


Colonial Vipers(Battlestar Galactica)


3-winged-3 engine fighters of the Battlestar Galactica, the Vipers are fast with turbolasers and turbothrusters for forward or reverse.


The Omni(Voyagers)


A time-travel gizmo that looks like a fob watch. It also informs the Voyager where he is and if there’s a historical anomaly that needs to be repaired.


The B-9 Robot(Lost in Space)


I gave “Robby the Robot” kudos on the first list, but I have to mention this robot(Also designed by Robert Kinoshita) that served the Space Family Robinson. The best friend of young Will Robinson(Bill Mumy), he was fond of using the phrases “Danger!..Danger!…..Warning!…Warning!….” Besides….in the episode that Robby the Robot appeared in…the B-9 Robot won the fight WOOT!


Star Destroyers(Star Wars)


Humongous triangular battleships of the Galactic Empire with hundreds of turbolaser turrets and 3 large engines, the Star Destroyers are the primary “Muscle” of the Empire.


The Nostromo(Alien)


M-Class Star Freighter owned by the Weyland/Yuatani Corporation, the Nostromo is a gigantic flying ore-processor with detachable main ship that can land on a planet.


The Monster of the Id(Forbidden Planet)


Powered by the Great Machine of the Krell, the Monster of Morbius’(Walter Pigeon) sub-conscious is barely held back by the electric forcefield fence and main batteries of millions of electron volts and dozens of blaster shots, which make it visible. Otherwise, it’s completely invisible and quite lethal.


The USS Discovery(2001: A Space Odyssey/2010: The Year We Make Contact)


A 200 foot long spacecraft built to reach Jupiter in 2001, the USS Discovery is a brilliant design in space efficiency. Using a centrifuge to create gravity for the recreation/cryostorage ring and the spacepod bay, the ship is regulated by the HAL-9000 computer that I mentioned in the first list.


The Slider Timer(SLIDERS)


Built by brilliant physics student Quinn Malory(Jerry O’Connel), this is a handheld gizmo that opens up wormholes to parallel dimension Earths.


Orbs of the Prophets(Star Trek DS9)


Whether you call them prophets or wormhole aliens, these glowing vessels are mysterious and amazing. Each Orb has a different property. One that was the Orb of time once sent Captain Sisko and co. back to the 23rd century where they interacted with Captain Kirk and co during the Tribble episode.


The Jupiter 2(Lost in Space)


While the film, itself, was barely adequate, the new design for the Jupiter 2 spacecraft was great. That craft looked futuristic and amazing. With living quarters, laboratories, sick bay and a hyperdrive, the Jupiter 2 was state of the art.


United Planets Cruiser C-57-D(Forbidden Planet)


The first Science Fiction flying saucer that carried humans instead of aliens, United Planets Cruiser C-57-D was an amazing design and wonderfully executed. Definite parallels with Star Trek and the Starship Enterprise which are evident in both the structure of the United Planets organization, the ship and its interior.


The Iron Giant(The Iron Giant)


A 50 foot tall metal eating robot from outer space, the Iron Giant(Vin Diesel) loses his memory when he’s electrocuted by a power station he’s munching on. A young boy befriends him and helps him to change his prime directives to destroy and he ends up emulating Superman.


The Nautilus(20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)


While there’s nothing futuristic about a nuclear powered submarine today, Victorian England times couldn’t have imagined this except in the mind of Science Fiction pioneering author Jules Verne. Walt Disney took that vision and made it visual in 1951 utilizing the brilliance of designer Harper Goff. The Nautilus is a wonder of steel shaped like a giant fish with saw blades on it’s spine with 2 “eyes” as windows and beautifully designed interiors in Victorian style with brass and velvet.


Jake’s Collar(The Cat from Outer Space)


A simple cat collar…that glows, amplifying his thought waves to allow him telekinetic powers, and even allow a mere human the ability to fly.


Tie-Fighters(Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 and 6)


One of the most bizarrely shaped fighter craft in all of Science Fiction, the Twin-Ion-Engine, or TIE Fighters are the workhorse of the Galactic Empire. Highly maneuverable, they make a really cool sound as they move.


Space Battleship Yamato(Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers)


Upgraded from a real battleship(The Battleship Yamato was the largest Battleship ever made and was constructed by Japan for WW-II. It was sunk by an Allies force of over 1000 planes on it’s way to Tokyo in the final days of the war), The SPACE battleship Yamato operates in Space, Atmosphere and Under Water. It has 3 bridges, 5 shock cannons, pulse laser batteries, the Black Tiger squadron of fighters, Warp capability and the Wave Motion Gun(That I covered in the first list).




Whether it’s the 5 giant lion robots, or the 3 teams of vehicles, that come together to form a giant robot, Voltron is a super fighter known as the “Defender of the Universe.” He has many weapons to utilize, but favors an energy sword he forms that is really good at chopping up Ro-Beasts.


V-Ger(Star Trek: The Motion Picture)


Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that Star Trek: The Motion Picture was plodding, dull and uninspiring, but the villain, V-Ger was a really interesting concept. SPOILERS! One of our Voyager deep space probes falls through a black hole, emerges on the other side of the Galaxy and is found by a Machine Race(Possibly the Borg…but that’s just conjecture…). They interpret it’s 20th Century programming to explore the Universe and learn all that is learnable and return that information to its creator, and build it an enormous ship with extremely advanced technology cloaked by a huge cloud of energy to complete its mission…and on the way to the 23rd Century and getting back to Planet Earth, it becomes sentient.


And DAMN! If I didn’t come up with ANOTHER 50 awesome things in Science Fiction! Did I still miss any of your favorites? I’d love to know what you loved, my friends…..might even come up with a 3rd list WOOT! Peace.

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