“I honestly don’t know!”

Gurgled of words, reverberation of drained and frighten spouts, burning hot crimson ways, steamed from the nose, mouth, with an open gash on the left temple flow downward, and coppering the air thickly that it was choking for those not used to it. Blinding vision; as rose-tint glass sights mixture with similar ways; confusion is all what it lead to.

The blade slides lower, deeper, jagged while the cut widen as it keep its pace.

While the lone, silent man kept at it.

“There is nothing I know about this . . . that girl only showed up a few months back. If I known that was her, that car wouldn’t have made it pass the bridge, I swear on it!”

“Your vow is what got you in this mess, bastard.”

A hand shot out, precise fingers trapped just enough of the face, to keep it in place, looking forward on the person, who was holding the bleeding mess of once man. Lone gleam of a light scarlet blade hovered near the spare eye that was blood free, wide and scared.

The weak man suppressed a shiver, as it moved close; flitch of a blink gave inches of closeness. One sudden gasp of breath, the scalpel would nick just the slick sheen of the eye.

A thud of a heavy, solid, steel door wringed open, exited to a stop again the wall near it.

“Stop messing around with your toy and go see Dr. Mine, he needs you for something, now.”

Expelling a sigh of boredom, with stony eyes looking where the bright light came from, just looking displeased like a small child. While the man at the door stepped back a bit, only a moment pause, before able to steel himself once more, unknowing keeping one hand on the wall hinges, to with the other nearing a gun under his coat.

“Give me lip; I’m sure Dr. Mine wouldn’t mind saying something about it. He is still a bit on the rue side of what happen last time. You stained his last room, to round of cleanable, finish here and wait after. You’re pick, kid, just saying.”

No response was given.

“Off topic, have you seen Johns?” The other asked, slowly strolling in, finding a light switch.

Buzzed in brightness, a hiss of painfulness came from behind him, likely by it was from the one tied to the chair. Turning to face and got it his answer in a corner of the room, far off into the side of it all in the right.

“Well, damn, Johns only gave a slip of tongue, poor move on him. I’ll be sure to leave a report to have someone tell his family, of a tragic fishing trip gone wrong. You think that will work?” The man asked, stopping when he was close to the still body on the ground, giving it a nudge on the side that was cleanest. Having the following words leave. “Maybe a rouge wolf got him, while we were crossing the river bay, trying to find a lost boy? Any ideas, kid, anything could be nice.”

Muffle of screams filled the room, creaks against the wood chair’s legs, having it fall back on the floor with a crash. Wild legs try to give one good kick, before finally going still, resting one finally time.

“Oh, how classic shotguns misfire? That could work, got a man that needs to be learned a lesson. Kill two birds with one stone. Perfect.”

The talky man, had his hands rub against each other, rethinking of how the plan could go, a lone smile that widen as the plan was coming together, slowly but surely.

“Yeah, just perfect . . . if you eat anything off that guy, I’ll lose my lunch. Please don’t, oh god, no. Aw man, you are sick. And you are just funny huh? Liver for a liver is that it?”

The silent man stood fully up, having a hand swipe off some of the blood from his face, with close eyes in what could seen as bliss to some.

“So glad you are full now. Please, go see Dr. Mine; I’ll have cleaning crew in here soon.” Stating as they both walked out of the room, side by side, showing as if whatever happen before, never happen.

“We got a whack job in red, following some kids; it has the doctor on edge.”

The other glanced to the other, very unimpressed.

“Yeah, I know, you don’t do kids. Hey, look on the bright side; they are not even what you have to deal with. Well I hope so anyway.”

One walked on, while the stopped short.

“I was only kidding, now hurry up, Dr. Mine has a job for you. Now get moving, asshole.”

To Be Continued . . .





What should happen next? Maybe even hints in so. And if anyone is wondering, this is a follow up chapter to Issue 4 of the Future Paths of Many, if they were wondering. Ideas are welcome.




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