Hello and Happy Valentines Expressionists,

Ota-kun and I were very honoured to be featured as the ‘Great Expressionist of the Month’ for February, as I hope was properly displayed in our comments on the post, and one of the things that was heavily praised was our daily content for you all. While honoured we took the appreciation with a grain of salt knowing that our daily upload schedule would soon come to an end, and it just so happened that it would be in this month that it did.

Up until now Ota-kun has been tirelessly uploading videos on a daily basis to Manic Expression, Springboard, and Dailymotion to catch up the site on our nearly two years worth of content creating. That’s right, almost every video uploaded in the last year has been content that we have had previously posted, and we’ve finally have got all caught up with our backlog.

So what does this mean?

Starting today we will be downgrading our upload schedule to twice a week, every Monday and Friday. Yes that does mean unfortunately less content for all of you to enjoy, we do feel bad about that. However, this also means NEW content! We will still be running our ‘Behind the Screen’ series of riffs and reviews as we battle through DC, but we can start uploading new episodes of ‘We Suck At This Mediocre Gaming,’ ‘One More Minute Reviews,’ and of course ‘Soda Pop Theatre.’

We may post daily videos again, like when we encounter another themed month/week, however with us finally catching up in content we can finally focus on making newer, better, videos for the future

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you in the next video.

Wrestling Guy

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