Hello and welcome to the final chapter of Bizarre and Unique Holidays through the year summed up in a week. Through all the seasons, held some of the most crazy days to have fun with, that in personal look of is far better than Valentine’s Day has given for those less of a pleasing feel overall.


To that, we end this miniseries of blog with February’s holidays that will set better moods than the pink, gooier, overblown lovey-dovey day. For most of us, are just not in the mood to get . . . along with it, adding to that, let’s get started with what February has besides the norm . . . let this be done with this, onto number three . . .





Number 3:  Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day Singles awareness day

If there is anything to take notice of one good thing about Valentine’s Day, is that at least, all couples go away and calmed down after it is over, leaving very much a bland open for others. February 15th, holds that much with Singles Awareness Day, a holiday dedicated for those, who enjoy the single life to annoyance levels, can’t get a date to save their life, or haven’t yet found or bothered taking that next chapter of life.

In some cases, others could find this as a sad holiday to be proud of having, yet when looking it at, isn’t kind of a vital intakes of certain things. For in observes of this, people find a lot of entertainment and hobbies fun to do alone, with a partner, or a group. Which in case, most of time, it would seem, on a larger look, group fun is a most likely thing to happen. While on a smaller scope of it all, doing things alone or with a partner just get things done faster and less off track, in some cases.

Going back to the former of it all, groups tend to be made of people that enjoy each other company, have, in ration, a platonic single relationship to one another, able to each other’s likes and dislikes in making a normal plain day become the best thing to happen. From that, it can be seen that if, someone or people are lonely, gathering friends and just having a great day of enjoyment, with knowing the signs of narrow commitments, unsure promises, and most of all, in third common section; needless breakups that go beyond rhyme of sour.

Single Awareness Day is all about, for those that find Valentine’s Day too much for them that is a day for them, which less mushy and clear point to forget over romantic drama, and just enjoy a day. What better when to do it, on the day after pink vomit love?




Number 2:  Carnival Day

Carnival Day

In honest thought, of who ever didn’t like the carnival, to where they are just against them? Even the smallest things from them, can be fun . . . some would say finally leaving, and hey that counts in considering the overall view of it.

Now in most looks of it, Carnival Day is more of a week holiday, depending on where and when it will take place. In mostly areas in America, Carnivals tend to hit high goals on 26th, which lead it being the founding day for it. As for varies of other countries, from the 21st to 28th carnivals happen in many diverse modes and generally special satisfactions that happen, at times out of the blue, yet very fun. Pointing out now, that some micro nations (Unsure with at least 3 of them, with information for that has been place on the down low, at best to say it) have theirs on 29th, so they have much time to make them largest and mentality numbing excitement journey to take. Incoming in 2016, wildness is likely to happen on the 29th.

In-between rides, games, and food that will likely leave an impression later in life.  This one may not for everyone, but the following for this day only seems to grow every year. So a strong maybe to enjoy, and go for it, what else is say about it?




Number 1:  No Brainer Day

No Brainer Day

The title says for itself, on February 27th, doing anything that doesn’t take brain power what so ever. Anything that needs for complicated, strenuous, incomprehensible, and/or completely inconsistent thoughts and will power, are left at the door and just relax.

Stating now, playing any music that fits this day is not needed. It is a just an alternative choice. That is the only thinking there really.

Sad though, at in telling about it, would only break about what the day is all about. And just give people in thinking of what do on this day, what people would likely very much do, even at research basics and from others insights of it, don’t wish to bring it up. Just remember when the day comes and go, is likely the only way to enjoy the day. Which alone; makes that day easy; enough to benefit from and less time bonding in.

Stating again, February 27th, do nothing that involves brain power and go for it. Enjoy . . . unless, just to be safe, wear safety . . . you know who you are.



Runner up Holiday(s) in February: National Freedom Day (Day 1st), Candlemas (Modern Day 2nd), Lame Duck Day (Day 6th), Kite Flying Day (Day 8th), Blame Someone Else Day (Day 13th), Ferris Wheel Day (Day 14th), National Battery Day (Day 18th), Random Acts of Kindness Day (Day 17th), Be Humble Day (Day 22nd), Do a Grouch a Favor Day (Day 16th), Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (Day 11th), Groundhog’s Day (Day 2nd), and ~Hug~ Polar Bear Day (Day 27th)


Week Holiday(s) in February: International Flirting Week (From the 15th to 21st, just be a big flirt with those who have earned it, those close and/or those to annoyed)


Month Holiday(s) Runner Ups in February: An Affair to Remember Month, Black History Month, Great American Pie Month, National Weddings Month, and Creative Romance Month





To that, this miniseries is over. Yes! Thanks a lot if you made this far and got something out of the holidays that tended to be overlooked, and in some ways of seeing it, can be the funniest thing to do. With that, we end with goodbye for now, have a great however you pleased, and see you later!




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