Is there enough time?

To waste it all away,
leaving nothing,
yet giving enough for it will go from there.

Unto in a world divided,
in living fullest and die off,
hollowing away everything.

Leave nothing,
remaining it all,
becoming nothing more than it all,
beyond all that,
is there enough time.

To come in mind of this,
a single person is a smart being,
that can do anything,
and be something no other,
thought it could happen.

Yet with people,
they act without thinking,
do things unknowing and guilt ridding at best,
shooting down moments to come and rising the fails of it all,
a shine glow,
that is blinding.

Time is everything we have.

Coming down where it goes from there.

Is there enough to use it?

To live beyond all else,
burning a fire that never dies,
clouding the air,
with nothing else to it.

Or is there to just,
waste away,
is there anything,
to live,
anything that go from there,

From start to end,
all are the same,
what happens in the middle,
is all up for the person,
and the people to watch.

Time ticks away like,
and going,
chiming away that makes ear bleed,
like a river,
flowing onward of it all.

Is there enough time?

Is there?

Any at all for what we all,
aim for,
in a slim coated wrapped,
away to keep all in place,
or does it just,

Is there enough time,
for everyone,
or do we,
just live forever in a panic,
that leaves,
deep within.

Behind the smiles,
and all else,
it is there,
living or wasting.

Is enough time,
to just find out?

Saying yes or no,
and even a maybe,
comes to real answer.

Just live life and see,
for yourself,
that’s the only answer.

The real answer,
does not come on whim,
choice is all that it is.

To end all now,
is there enough,
as time is just going,
slipping, start to end,
all the same.

Time is enough,
if one sees it that way,
and wastes it enough,
to live. Does that,

for the answer to come in choice,
just try!




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